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Thursday night when I went into the foster room, the kittens were like:

“Um. Is kinda boring in here, lady.”

Friday morning when I went in, they were all:

I have no idea how it is that they all escaped the bed (it very well may have been Kate’s decision to bring them out), but they have no intention of going back. They pretty much keep to the blanket, though they’ve taken turns wandering off and then scurrying right back. Earlier this morning, Leia saw Kate across the room, went stomping toward her, and then didn’t know what to do, so just sat there in the middle of the room and cried until I brought her back to the blanket.

I guess this week I’ll get out the little litter boxes, fill them with clay litter and put them in strategic locations around the room. It won’t be long ’til they’re giving those a try. And also won’t be long ’til they’re skittering sideways at each other!

I weighed the kittens yesterday. The HUGE Charming is now at 15 1/2 ounces. He’ll be over a pound by the time he turns three weeks old, I’m sure. I need to get a picture of him next to Jareth, it’s comical how much bigger he is. You can see the weight chart at the bottom of their page, here.

Happy Kate.

I love the markings on the backs of Aslan’s ears.

Leia, simultaneously washing her foot and Aslan’s ear.

Video! It’s a little mosh pit of kittens trying to get into the best nursing positions.

YouTube link.

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Corbie, Alice, and Miz Poo, hanging out on the bed together. The best place in the house to sleep during the day – not only is it the warmest room in the house, but they LOVE that blanket.


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4-6-13 — 17 Comments

  1. Congratulations you have achieved actual kittens – I mean just look at that photo of the little one playing with his/her toes. Sooo cute.

  2. How you do not want to stuff those babies into your bra and carry them around all day, I do not know! 😉

  3. Good GRIEF!!! Are you absolutely certain there wasn’t actually a sixth kitten and Charming ate it? That IS his tremendous rear end hanging out of the mosh pit, correct? He’s a behemoth!!!

  4. Poor Kate. She’s in that “I’m being eaten alive by a swarm of kittens stage”

  5. Thank you for the Saturday post!!! And thank you for scritchin Ms. Kate’s cheek and ear while she was being eaten alive! We are civilized, I mean it’s not ALL about the kittens!!!

  6. absolutely love the end of the video! Thanks for the dose of cute and the update on the kittens and Kate.

  7. love the kittens!

    I have the purple version of the cats’ fav blanket- and it’s wrapped around me right now.
    My kitty Sweetums thinks it’s hers when I bring it out. If I leave it unattended, she burrows in and make herself a kitty cave. Then, o course, I have to get another and use that instead. sigh.

  8. Thank you for the extra post. They are such a cute family. I went back to read the posts from previous years- the picture of Kara at the end of the 2010 post just slays me. omg

  9. poor Kate! she’s just trying to wash those babies and she gets kicked in the face for her trouble!

  10. Thanks so much for the Caturday post (Hey! Charming is big enough to be called a cat!!) I suspect Kate moved the kittens so she could spread out more. The meatballs are starting to get to the size of small meatloafs… especially Charming!

    I also liked to see that Kate’s getting love. I know you cuddle her all the time, yet it’s just nice to see it! She is such a good mama!!

  11. Awww, Miss Kate is such a good Mama! Keeping those babies well fed – especially one big boy in particular. I love how mamas chirp at their babies. The kicking feets on the video while getting a bath just slayed me!

  12. Like a few others,I noticed that some kittens have found their toes. I thought only human babies did that!

  13. So cute. It’s funny. Yesterday, I was thinking Kate and the Royals were looking a little cramped in the bed. I was wondering how the kittens were going to get back into the bed once they jumped ship. No worries now.

  14. I have noticed that in most litters, especially of 3 or more kittens there is one that is obviously destined by nature to be “the Biggest Baddest Tomcat in the Barn Yard/Neighborhood” and Prince Charming is certainly the one from this litter lol! Of course today, we “interfere” and neuter them young so most become pampered house pets and even those who are working cats (like some of ours) end up being “King” of the barnyard are not making any copies of themselves even if they “think” someday they will and someday all their queens will go into heat – someday will never come but they don’t know that lol