4-6-15 Meet the Fools

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Lucy’s sweet babies have been sexed and named, so come meet the kittens who will be referred to, collectively, as “The Fools.”

Dramatic little tuxie is a girl, and her name is Gilda.

Brown and white tabby is a girl, and her name is Roseanne.

Brown tabby is a boy, and his name is Belushi.

Orange tabby is a boy, and his name is Louis (pronounced “Louie”).

Orange and white tabby is a boy, and his name is Rickles.

Buff tabby with a reddish tone to his fur is a boy, and his name is Skelton.

And buff tabby with a creamy tone to his fur is a boy, and his name is Shecky.

That’s right – we have five boys and two girls. I can tell the orange and buff boys apart with no problem when they’re near each other, but – especially Skelton and Shecky – I have a really hard time telling who’s who in pictures. So I expect that until they get older and develop more defining characteristics, I’ll be confusing them pretty regularly. Louis and Rickles are easier to tell apart, because Rickles has a lot of white on his body (including white feet).

Thank you all for your name suggestions; I’ve filed away a lot of them for future use! I ended up simply using a mishmash of names that I liked the sound of (Shecky as a kitten name cracks me UP, though I couldn’t pick Shecky Greene out of a lineup if you paid me a million dollars to do so) and that hadn’t been used in the past.

Snoozin’ Roseanne.

Snoozin’… um.. Skelton? I think.

Skelton and Roseanne (who is thinking about hissing, I can just tell.)

The two buff boys – you can see the difference in their coloring here. Skelton is the one under the piece of bedding, and he’s got much more red than Shecky does.

Belushi on the left, Roseanne on the right.

Sweet sleepin’ Gilda.

Louis in the front, Gilda in the middle, and Rickles’ white feet and stripey tail in the back.

Belushi has a snooze.

See? When Skelton and Shecky are next to each other, I have no problem telling them apart. Also, these kittens are HUGE (I’m going to weigh them later this morning).

The pink toes in the air have killed me dead.


Video! These kittens with the hissing and spitting – such drama!

YouTube link.

Please note that I had not touched them AT ALL. Lucy was about two feet away, eating, and was completely unconcerned about the dramatics.


“Lady, I am concerned about your kitten huffing. I’m starting to think you have a problem.”


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4-6-15 Meet the Fools — 46 Comments

  1. Hello little Fools, aw your names suit you perfectly! Man, not even a week old and look at how much they’ve grown. Collectively, they’re as big as Lucy!

    • No, I think it’s just his gums. I haven’t looked in his mouth to be sure, but I don’t think they come in this early.

  2. What a “Motley Crew!” lol and such seriously hisses little predators – no mousie will be safe, I tell ya…great babies, really huge too.

  3. I love these wee guys and their names! Now, I can’t wait to see which kitten will be the first to open their eyes..?

    Ps. I kinda want to boop Tommy on the nose! What a handsome fel la!

  4. Love the names – Especially Gilda and Skelton. But since they’re all comedians, I have to ask. Is all the hissing early preparation for dealing with hecklers?

  5. Love the names! Although, my little head has altered one (after that video) … Shecky Fierce! I’m so anxious to watch these um.. ‘little’ kittens grow! Looking forward to eyes opening and ears ‘a poppin’!! Oh, and if Tommy (love!) is concerned… we’re concerned. Possibly try first admitting your problem and then make a concerned effort to cut back, 15 kitten huffs per kitten per day and if you need to document your efforts via pictures.. we are here for you.

    • Yes Jeweledskye kitten huffing can be a big problem !!! Although Robyn has enabled all of us to be voyeurs to her addiction !! We will have to start a support group 🙂

      Love the names !!!

      • You are just lying to yourself Robyn. One can’t just stop kitten huffing anymore than we can just stop adoring these adorable kittens !!!

  6. LOVE the names! I can’t believe how humongous they have gotten. It’s almost like they are all thinking, “April Fool – we’re really baby tigers!” I love them all, but I’m always partial to a tabby so I think Belushi (Squooshy Ushi) and Roseanne (Rosie Posie) will be my favorites.

  7. Great names! I am so glad you named one Belushi. He will have to get a COLLEGE tshirt when he is older. (Yes I am an Animal House freak)


    Robyn, do you know why you seem to get more boy kitties than girl kitties? I was reading through the archives and you said [some kitten I can’t remember, Arya Stark?] was the 100th girl and you’d had 118 boys, or something like that. Is this just a coincidence or are there more boys born than girls? Googling “kitten sex disparity” is not as helpful as you might think.

    ETA: Just watched the video–if I didn’t know they were hissing, I’d think something was wrong with their breathing! I wonder what sets the hissing off? Just mama not being right there?

    • Yeah, I think Mama not being right there is what sets them off – if they were in the wild (thank god they’re not), I imagine they’d do it when Mama was off eating, in an attempt to scare off predators.

      I’m not sure why I get more boys than girls – someone once told me that the sex of kittens tend to come in cycles and could have something to do with the weather at the time of conception, but I don’t know if that was just conjecture or if there’s actual science behind it. I figured out at some point in the past few months that I’ve had something like 54% boys, 46% girls (a few years back, it was 52% to 48%), so there is a difference, but it’s not a huge one.

  9. Love the names. And that is a BIG crew of kittehs right there. Love & Hisses is my first thing to read every morning — great way to get the day off to a good start.

  10. Huh, maybe we need a Catskills litter one of these days. Or if it’s mostly boys, show of show writers.

    the stripes on the tuxie are killer.

  11. Sorry – commenting again! Can NOT stop watching that video – cracks me up! Shecky Fierce has appointed himself Sentry or guard and with momma way and smelling something not kitten or momma, keeps sounding the alarm “Stranger Danger 12 o’clock!” Do. You. Hear. ME? I said, “Stranger Danger, 12 o’clock!!!!” 🙂 love, love, LOVE fierce kittens!

  12. Yea for Shecky – I had googled Shecky Greene before I sent that suggestion to you. He looked a little familiar, but as you said, the sound of the name is great!

    • I had to Google him to see what he looked like, and was actually a little surprised that he’s still alive! (Also, was surprised to see that he wasn’t a redhead. Shecky strikes me as the name for a redhead, for some reason.)

  13. Are kittens that are super hissy at this age likely to grow up to be big talkers? I ask because my little girl was a VERY hissy kitten, and now never shuts up. We joke that she likes to hear herself talk because she walks around all day making little throaty meows to no one.

    And that little buff boy was going nuts with the hissing which is why I wonder.

    • That is a good question! I don’t know the answer, though, I’ve never thought to pay attention. We’ll have to see if these kittens are talkers!

  14. Only 2 little girls out of all those kittens? Man!

    I’m wondering if buff tabbies have the same likelihood of being male as orange tabbies. Does anyone know?

    Love me some hissy, spitty kittens!

    • I’d say probably because I think buff is just a dilution of orange, like gray is a dilution of black. They have the same “orange” genes, they just have another one going “dial down the color a bit.”

  15. I’ve been looking at that first picture of Lucy and babies — even the big version on Flickr — and I can only count 6 kittens. Where is number 7? After more thought, I decided kitten 7 must be completely covered in kittens, and the next thought was a blanket made of kittens sounds awesome! Like that Hanes commercial with the Tshirt from Skymall made of fluffy purring kittens? BEST. NAP. EVERRRRR.

    • My guess is that she’s either completely under Lucy’s front leg – she and Belushi, the dark tabby, really like to hang out there – or she’s completely buried underneath the two buff boys.

  16. In gardening, if a plant has spent too long in a pot that is too small, the roots can get tangled and the plant grows to the limit of the size of the pot and it is said to be pot-bound. If you transfer it to a larger pot (or plant it in the soil) it suddenly shoots up in size, putting one a great deal more growth and activity than you’d see in a plant of similar initial size that had been in the larger container all its life.

    I think your kittens were womb bound and are now growing like weeds.

  17. Great names!!!!! I love that you used some last names… great idea! These kittens are killing me with the cute. KILLING ME!

  18. Is it me or does “Sweet Sleepin’ Gilda” look like a baby otter?! (And yes, this is 53rd time I visit this page today.)

  19. I think Roseanne is already my favorite! But they are all adorable, of course. One of the orange guys might end up looking like Stompers – Louis? Can’t wait until they all open their eyes!