4-5-15 Sunday

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Kitten pile. The two orange kittens seem to spend a lot of time on top of the pile.

If you’re curious, wee kittens smell exactly like raw peanuts (which smell nothing like peanut butter)!

“Coming through!”

I love this picture because of the kitten resting his head on Lucy’s back paw. Awwww.

Lucy, keeping an eye on me.

Kittens make the BEST pillows.

Oh, they are just the sweetest.

This is actually a yawn, not a hiss (for once)!

This one sleeps HARD.

Lucy has a bit of the smug going on.

Love the little pink toeses and nose.

If you look closely, you’ll see a wee little paw right in front of Lucy’s face.

It is ALWAYS time to belly up to the milk bar.

The babies are doing great! In the past couple of days, Lucy has gone from wide-eyed and on the verge of panicking when her babies cry, to a much more relaxed “I’m eating, kid, you’ll live.” Which means I feel better about handling them, kissing them, and poking them so they kick their legs at me. Hey, I take my fun where I can get it, y’know?


Video! Here they are at 2 days old, milling around and nursing. Little Orange and White has a bit of a sad complaint, just so y’know.

YouTube link.


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4-5-15 Sunday — 16 Comments

  1. and Mama is watching you like a hawk in the video! too cute! they are SO adorable!

  2. We will be driving right by your house (kind of) on Monday… Do you think my husband would mind a kitten petting detour? πŸ˜‰

  3. Just popped by to wish you all a very happy Easter and are so happy to see new mum Lucy with her beautiful babies! You are all, as ever, totally amazing looking after these precious kitties. Take care

    • Seconded. Beautiful Lucy and her family have fetched up in paradise!

      And to my fellow Rufus fans, there are two great photos of that boy in the April 5, 2011 post.

  4. They look like awesome kitties! Just to mess with people, sometime you should have a unisex litter where all the names could be either girl or boy. Kelly, Shawn, Tracy, etc. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the babies!

  5. These kittens seem big! Mama Lucy is a terrific baker!

    I know I am late to the naming party, but I woke up with a thought: lots of names of comedians have been put forward – but they are largely US centric.

    You have some marvelous Brit names to go to: Dawn (French), Judi (Densch) or Judy (Carne), Clive (Swift), Rowan (Atkinson), Hugh (Laurie), Joanna (Lumley), Geoffrey (Palmer), Patricia (Routledge), Felicity (Kendal), Penelope (Keith)are just a few suggestions. I am stuck in era of the great 70s-90s TV sitcoms – you could expand to a wider range of Brit comics, old and new. Or maybe a Brit sitcom theme – lots of great names there both actors and characters(eg: Lionel Hardcastle, Captain Stephen Peacock, Norman Clegg, Edina Monsoon).

  6. Um, I imagine baby kittens smell like unicorns and cookies baking and orange blossoms all rolled in to one. That little orange dude looks like he’s smiling, or it’s his first attempt at the smug.

    Even now at barely 4 days old you have to wonder how Lucy managed to carry them about as long as she did! They look huge now!

  7. I was thinking and it occurred to me you could name a litter after desserts! (Yes, I may have been eating something nice, why do you want to know? πŸ˜‰ ) There’s obviously so many dessert names you could use, but I for one would absolutely love to have a cat called Pudding! Maybe not for this litter, but perhaps an idea to save for later? πŸ™‚

    • Great. Now I’ve got visions of tiramisu and cheesecake dancing through my head, and I’m stuck at work another 4 hours! πŸ™‚
      Brownie and Snickerdoodle would make great names!

  8. They remind me so much of the Dragons!

    And, oh, sweet Rufus! Archie looks a bit like him, doesn’t he?