Last night I was all set to go to bed around midnight, and noticed as I walked past the windows in the dining room that the motion detector lights on the side of the house had been set off. Since both those lights overlook trees, they tend to go on and off all night, especially on windy nights.

I went to the window to see if I could figure out what had set them off, and in the driveway I saw a mostly white cat with patches of black sitting and staring off into the distance toward the road.

I think we might need to set up a webcam on the front porch to figure out just how many cats are partaking of the food bowl. No wonder it goes empty so fast.

* * *

The sentries, waiting to kick your butt.

“Behind you! A serialkillerstalker!”

“I will happily peck out de eyes.”

“…but I am not steadfastly loyal. The price of my loyalty: one fat, juicy worm.”


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