When Fred comes out to Crooked Acres, we like to take the chicks outside to hang out in the “playpen” he’s built for them. They like to peck at the bugs and grass (Saturday when the spud and I were moving wood, we found a bunch of worms and gave them to the chicks. The chicks react to worms by grabbing one of them and then running wildly around the pen so that the other chicks think she’s got something really good and start chasing her around to get it from her. It’s seriously funny to watch), and Maxi and Newt like to watch them, and occasionally try to grab them. (Yes, we keep an eye on them and shoo them away if they’re getting too excited at the thought of having themselves chicken snacks.)


Speaking of Maxi and Newt, Monday evening when I got home from Madison, I got snacks for the inside kitties, and then got Maxi and Newt their evening snack as well (we spoil ALL cats rotten, don’t we?) and at the same time I brought the medicine for Newt’s eye out with me, and when I bent down to put it in Newt’s eye, I absolutely couldn’t tell which was the afflicted eye. Seriously, they both looked completely fine.

(So I put ointment in both eyes, just to be safe.)


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