4-4-15 Weekly Roundup

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In that last pic of Jake, he looks like the frog in that video.

YouTube link.

He certainly does! (By the way, I LOVE Gumby and his frog family on Tumblr.)


The lap comment reminded me … Wait. You have to know this about me first: I’ve always been horribly nearsighted; thick glasses since, well, forever. Except when I was little, before it was caught. Well, one night I woke up. In the dark, of course, with rotten eyesight. Something was moving on my bed. OF COURSE, it was big, giant spiders. So I screamed. Parents came running and turned the light on. No spiders; just our cat having her kittens at the foot of my bed. 🙂

Haha, I love that!


ok is it pronounced Ste-fen? Or Ste-fawn?

Ste-fawn. Well, actually Ste-FAWN.


Robyn, how did you get into the taste-testing panel for Chewy? What’s the criteria? If it’s a bunch of cats they want, I gotcher 17 cats right here!

As far as I know, you only need to have a blog and be willing to post a review. I’ve been involved with Chewy since they were MrChewy.com, way back in… well, whenever they started. 2012ish? If you’ve got a blog and are willing to post reviews, let me know and I’ll give you the contact info!


I don’t remember anything else you’ve tested on all the residents that hit 100% agreement, whether negative or positive (but my memory is crap these days…WAS there ever complete agreement before?)

I don’t think there’s been 100% agreement among the cats as far as the treat we’ve reviewed, but the one treat all the cats like (and which we always have on hand) are Friskies Party Mix. When we close the back door at night with everyone inside, they each get a small pile of those treats (it makes them more willing to come inside if they’re rewarded!), and they all eat ’em up.


I would seriously love a kitten/cat named McGillicuddy…..

Back when we officially adopted Sugarbutt a million years ago, I threatened to change his name to Doo McGillicuddy (just ’cause I liked the way it sounded) and Fred objected.


Momma looks wonderful – despite birthin’ those babies. Is it safe to say she’s been down this road before and is an experienced momma?

I’d say that’s a pretty safe bet! Maybe she knew it was going to be her very last litter, and she wanted to go out with style. 🙂


I was sooo excited when I saw your first Facebook post about the kittens! I said to my husband “the Alabama mama cat is having her kittens as we speak!” This morning before he left for work, I told him that he had 7 kittens and he asked if that was normal. I have zero experience with birthin babies…is it normal?

It’s on the high side of normal, but still within normal range. Livia (who didn’t give birth here, but she and her kittens came to us a week later after she had) gave birth to 8 kittens, and 1 didn’t make it. I believe that the more litters they’ve had, the more kittens tend to be in the litter (though that doesn’t always hold true.)


This conversation in the comments cracked me up:

Janna: Love the picture of very-pregnant Maggie being held up by Fred – she really is rolling her eyes at you! And my favorite birthing story is Khaleesi adopting Norbert in mid-labor – “I don’t remember giving birth to that one, but I must have!”

Kar: And that look she gave Fred, “Are you sure this is mine?” Of course it was pretty obvious later on when he didn’t look like any of his siblings with his Ferrari curves.

one cranky lady: Ooo, “Ferrari curves” — I like that description very much for Norbie.

Kristen (Norbie’s mama) : He’s more along the lines of a Subaru now, but with a really nice paint job 😉


Weekly Instagram/Facebook Roundup!

I can think of no compelling reason to roll my lazy butt out of bed on this cold morning (no kittens yet.) #Dennis #Sugarbutt #PermanentResidents #lazy

I’m starting to wish I’d measured her belly when I first got her so we’d know how much it’s grown. She’s put on another 1/4 pound since Wednesday! #PregnantCat #Mama #GimmeThoseKittens #BunInTheOven

To properly bake those kittens to perfection, you must keep them at the right temperature. A sun bath helps. #PregnantCat #Mama #BunsInTheOven #FosterCat

SIGH. #NoKittensYet #Mama #FosterCat #BunsInTheOven

That girl is quite the lapful. #Mama #FosterCat #PregnantCat #BunsInTheOven #HURRYUPALREADY

Not a care in the world! #Mama #FosterCat #PregnantCat #BunsInTheOven #HURRYUPALREADY

Not. A. CARE. (That #hammick must be super comfy, I need one in human size.) #BunsInTheOven #zzzzz #Mama #pregnantcat #FosterCat

Mayday! The USS Mama appears to be listing to port! #Mama #PregnantCats #BunsInTheOven #FosterCat

“You. More food. NOW, or you’ll never see these kittens, you unnerstand me?” #Mama #BunsInTheOven #PregnantCats #FosterCat #CalitabbyTude

BELLEH. #Mama #PregnantCats #BunsInTheOven #SoTiredOfMe #ShenanigansOverload

#Mama would like a #BellyRub, if y’don’t mind. #PregnantCats #FosterCat #BunsInTheOven #HURRYUPALREADY

Baby #1, just born. #Mama #NewbornKitten #FosterCat

#2 looks orange or buff. Healthy lungs on these two! #Mama #kittens #NewbornKitten #fosterkittens #FosterCat

4 so far, and she’s having contractions! #Mama #NewbornKittens #FosterCat #fosterkittens

We are currently at 6 – 3 orange, 2 dark, 1 maybe calitabby/torti-ish. #NewbornKittens #Mama #kittens #KittensOfInstagram

Still at 7. I’m hoping she’s done. We’re going to bed, and I’ll check on her a few times during the night, but so far everyone looks great! #Mama #NewbornKittens #FosterCat #fosterkittens

#Mama and the #wiggleworms (won’t be their official litter name, but these babies never stop moving!) are doing great. Mama has had 3 cans of food this morning, watched me change out the soiled bedding, and then decided she was done with my shenanigans and started carrying the babies back into the crate. All 7 have nice full bellies and look great! #NewbornKittens #kittens #fosterkittens

Seven! #Mama #NewbornKittens #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #ILovesThemAlready

Snuggle buddies. I went up to give #Mama her 4th (3 oz) can of kitten food for the day, and started weighing babies while she ate. I got the 4th kitten weighed (they were all between 3 1/2 and 4 1/4 ounces), and then Mama let me know I was done with that, grabbed the kitten off the scale and went back into the crate. She forgave me and allowed me to scratch her ears, though. #kittens #NewbornKittens #SnuggleBuddies

She is SUCH a good #Mama ! #NewbornKittens #kittens #KittensOfInstagram

Good morning, little one. #kittens #NewbornKitten #WeeBabyKittens

Breakfast time! The look on #Mama #Lucy ‘s face cracks me up. #kittens #FosterCat #fosterkittens #WeeBabyKittens #NursingKittens

The orange one under her back leg is cracking me up. “Mama, you is squooshing me!” #Mama #Lucy #WeeBabyKittens #wiggleworms #NomNomNom #NursingKittens #CUTE #kittens #KittensOfInstagram

YouTube link.
Seriously, the little kicking feet are killing me. #Mama #Lucy #kittens #WeeBabyKittens #wiggleworms #NursingKittens #KittensOfInstagram

Don’t be fooled by the fact that this looks like a yawn. Little #tuxie is a hisser. I was terrified, lemme tell you! #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #fosterkittens #WeeBabyKittens #Brat

YouTube link.
Little #hissers. They’re like a nest of terrifying snakes. (Don’t be disturbed by that spot of blood – a little spotting (by #Mama ) is normal for a few days after birth.) #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #HissingKittens #WeeBabyKittens

Little snoozers. Hey, all that nursing wears #WeeBabyKittens out! #kittens #KittensOfInstagram #zzzzzz #TiredKittens #fosterkittens


A few extra pics!

Lucy was off eating, so I took advantage of the moment to get a few pictures of the babies. The lighter tabby was off exploring, you can see his/her tail and foot in the upper left corner of the picture.

Sweet little pile.

“You gettin’ my babies all riled up, lady?”

“Don’t rile the babies.”

The oranges.


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4-4-15 Weekly Roundup — 7 Comments

  1. I can hardly stand how cute they are. I’m surprised there aren’t any missing ears by now, how can you stop yourself?!

    Looks like they’re well on their way to become chubby little explorers. The little orange guy nursing in the last picture has to be the cutest thing I’ve seen today (and that’ll probably change as the day goes on and I check out F/B). Have you been able to give them kisses yet?!

  2. As catnip = marijuana, Friskies Party Mix = crack. No matter where Princess Pantaloons (Daisy) is hiding in the house, you better believe she’s moving at top speed when she hears that package being removed from the snack cabinet.

    • The trouble in my house is that the container for dried cranberries, one of my favorite snacks, sounds just like the cat treat bag. So every time I get a snack, the cats have to get one too, or else I’m teasing them.

  3. Is it just me or do the kittens look like Mama’s stripes just kind of oozed off. Pick a kitten and you’ll find that color on her somewhere!