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Pile o’ kittens. Leia’s getting a back rub from me – and for some reason, Buttercup is resting her back foot on Leia’s neck.

Leia’s all “::GRIN:: That was an excellent back rub!”

Aslan is a sleepy little monkey.

Buttercup says “What was that? What were you doing? Do it again, I didn’t get a good look.”

Then they all fell dead asleep.

Then Buttercup took a close look and decided that no one needs to look that closely at Aslan’s mouth.

“I wish I hadn’t looked.”

Leia always keeps both eyes on me.

Charming (I think). They’ve turned into little lickers in the past few days. They’re always licking their paws or licking each other. They’re getting this bath thing figured out.

Aslan, showing Charming who the boss is. (Spoiler: it was Aslan, until he fell asleep, and then it was Charming.)

Jareth is continually surprised by, pretty much, everything.

Checking to see what’s going on out there in the big wide world.

Kate loves her scratcher.

Buttercup, checking to see what her brothers are up to.

Oh the belly, oh the toes, OH the serious little face.

How about a video? Here they are, wiggly little monkeys, just wiggling around.

YouTube link.

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Stinkerbelle, wondering where her men (Tommy, Spanky, Fred) have gone.


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4-4-13 — 18 Comments

  1. Wonderful photos today (and every day), Robyn. It is so much fun watching these babies transform. And you can really see the stripes on the supposed non-tabbies. And I hope Stinkerbelle’s menfolk gave her her due!

  2. Those wiggly little kittens are just what the Doctor ordered today! How you get anything else done during the day with those cutie-pies in there and the rest of your posse on the other side of the door is beyond me!

    Stinkerbelle looks extra beautiful in those pics!

    • I agree with you Caroline !! I would be snuggling kitties all day long and nothing productive would happen !!

      Stinkerbelle you are beautiful!!!

  3. These babies are fab and awesome, but how do they SMELL?!

    I have a kitten huffing problem. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I can’t wait to see how Aslan’s coloring turns out. I think he is going to be very unique & handsome. Still love Leia tho ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Ack! I second Dawn – how do they smell?!! I bet they have that snuggly warm sunny smell, despite pooping themselves regularly. Don’t know about you, but if Buttercup wants to lay her foot on my neck, I wouldn’t have a problem with that. Just sayin’.

    I love the way kittens do everything in slow motion. The tussle like big kitties, try to walk around, and roll about in that adorable little kitten way, mimicking big kitties.

  6. Looks like the little ones are coming along quite nicely. Going to have their legs under them pretty soon now… then watch out & let the games begin.
    Couldn’t be more adorable.

  7. So freaking cute!! Oooo the little faces…

    Shout out to old man Spanky, hope he’s doing ok! Ordered the Liqui-Tinic for my old kitty. Is it just me, or does it smell like licorice/anise gone bad? Ugh.

    • I thought it smells of licorice/anise, but not gone bad. Let us all know how it works for your kitty!

      • The stuff I got is called Pet-Tinic and it smells like really strong beef broth, or even Vegemite.

  8. I’ve noticed in all your photos, Leia seems very alert and focused. It’s just so cute!

  9. Buttercup’s white whiskers and stripe down her nose are just too much for words.