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2012-04-04 (1)
Aren’t those tiny little teeth adorable? Yeah, they’re sharp, too. Especially when they’re chomping on your foot.

2012-04-04 (2)
Newbery helps out with bath time.

2012-04-04 (3)
Another look at those needle-sharp teeth.

2012-04-04 (4)
Also, they like to bite… everything. Which is why I don’t step foot in that room unless I’m wearing long pants and socks to protect my legs and feet. This is why all my clothes end up with holes in them. Well, the little claws do some damage, too.

2012-04-04 (5)
Gorgeous boy.

2012-04-04 (6)
Razzie will bite her own feet, too. She’s not picky!

2012-04-04 (9)
This was the first toy I saw them playing with – they even carried it into the box on their own. It’s one of the toys I got from Tee Tugs.

2012-04-04 (10)

2012-04-04 (11)
“Who, me? No, I didn’t push her. I’d never!

2012-04-04 (12)
Razzie, in starting position, ready to race off.

2012-04-04 (13)
Such a pretty girl!

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The Noms show off their skittering-sideways skillz:

(Or see it over at YouTube here.)

(At YouTube)

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2012-04-04 (14)
I think I mentioned that last year after the tornado came through and the winds knocked some trees over (though thankfully there was little damage), one of the things Fred did when he was cutting up one of the trees was to bring a couple of big stumps into the yard. There’s one under the trees by the cat house, and this one on the cement patio. They like to sharpen their claws on the side of the stump, and then hang out on top.


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4-4-12 — 37 Comments

  1. I love the contrast between Logie’s claws and fur! The videos were hysterical! They have those big back bunny feet…but go sliding around on the wood flooring! LOL.

    Fred is full of great ideas!

  2. Oh they are beyond wobbly and wonderful!!! Logie is beautiful!! Take care

  3. Oooooh, so fierce! I’m skeered, kittens, really really skeered! (laughing behind my hand)

    Are they old enough to be interested in the laser dot? Our semi-feral now follows TJ around like a puppy, staring intently at him and using that special Kitteh Mind Force to get him to bust out the laser so she can go wild. I’d love to see wobbly babies chasing the red dot.

        • Oh, I hadn’t really thought about it, honestly. Let’s say that mild swearing is okay, but leave the really bad words for elsewhere, how’s that? πŸ™‚

          And I haven’t tested a laser pointer on them yet – guess what I’ll be doing tonight!

  4. Those videos are hilarious! If your blog became just videos of those adorable little spazzes skittering around and falling over, I’d be completely happy!

    You might not be… but hey, what is the most important – your happiness or mine????


  5. Best Kitty videos ever!!!! Had to add them to my You Tube Favorites for future Happiness Fixes!

    I am more in love with Logie with every post.

  6. I have to admit to being in love with two manx kitties, my two boys Mo and Wally. Razzie’s little tail makes me stop breathing it is so cute.

  7. GAAAAAA! The videos did me in Robyn! WANT me some babies in the Casa! (NO! Stop it now! You have two ferals and and FIV boy, that’s enough!! Bad foster mommy! Grow up and learn to live vicariously!)

  8. Skittens!!!! I love sidewinding behbeh kittehs! (Or “practicing for Halloween” as I call it around here). And Razzie’s half tail just makes her look FIERCE! (And please tell her I said so.) πŸ˜‰

    You’re right about long pants and kittens. The girls have starting clamering around my feet and legs as soon as I get on the floor with them. Wearing shorts won’t work much longer less the people at work start to think I’m into cutting myself whenever they see me in a skirt!

  9. Robyn-
    I have no idea how you get ANYTHING done with those spastic balls of fluff hanging around. I would spend my whole day laying on the floor of that room watching the kittehs. I would also have fantastic abs from laughing so hard at their antics. Especially the falling down and slipping around the floor.

  10. My Philo, who is a bit…special…will entertain himself for hours lying down and biting his own feet, or kicking himself in the chin.

    I can’t see the videos at work! Oh noes! YouTube is blocked. I will have to check them out as soon as I get home. Must see skittering crab-kittens!

  11. They are so darn cute!!!!! Their little sideways stuff and tipping over! Makes me want to go find some kittens to play with!!!

  12. Skittens!!!!!!! I could watch that all day πŸ™‚ My seniors are playful, but not anything like that (although Simba is now a master of hunting down DaBird and dragging it throughout the house).

    Logie gets more interesting looking every day. Searching the muddled recesses of my brain to think of what animal she resembles, but I’m not making a connection. Miss Emmy must have created a new hybrid species. I think we need to keep her at Crooked Acres until she’s full grown so we can have visual proof of what this new adult mammal looks like (Notice I said “we”… HA! Robyn wouldn’t notice an extra one, would she?)

  13. …I have to admit, I feel sorry for Emmy, seeing those sharp little kitten teeth…!

  14. Those kitties are drunk! Drunk, I tell you! Emmy must be hitting the bottle behind your back, Robyn… πŸ˜€

  15. Oh. My. Goodness. The Skitten videos KILL ME DEAD with the cuteness!!! I can’t believe the change in just a couple days? It’s like one day they just wake up & decide that it’s OK to come out of the box? For the first 4 weeks they will not leave the box, and then one day – BAM! They’re running around the room. It’s just too much to comprehend. Seriously Robyn, thanks so much for sharing this loveliness with us. Makes my day!

  16. Kitten Crabwalk is the best !!!!!!! So glad you shared these videos with us. I am definitely going to favourte these on Youtube ( well actually I think I do it to all your videos) Can’t wait to see more !!

  17. OMG – they are FANTASTIC videos! kitten crab-walking, superb! wibbely, wobbily, babies! I love ’em! Squishes from me, please.

  18. I’m sorry, but from now on, whenever there is a photo of a kitten with a tongue out, all I can think of is “Waaasuuuuuuuup!”