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2012-04-03 (1)
Mama Emmy keeps an eye on me. “You’re not touching my babies, are you? I KEEL YOU.”

2012-04-03 (2)
Darwin was hanging out in the corner, and Razzie came tripping along.

2012-04-03 (3)
Darwin was like “Keep it moving!” (Here’s a rare good shot of Razzie’s stumpy little tail.)

2012-04-03 (4)
Then Darwin felt the need to stand up for a few moments.

2012-04-03 (5)
She is such a sweet little peanut.

2012-04-03 (6)
Logie loafin’.

2012-04-03 (8)
I like how you can see Logie’s faint stripes. Also, how Newbery’s yawning over there to the right (it’s a rough life), and you can see Razzie’s pretty stripes.

2012-04-03 (9)
That’s Newbery, looking at the camera. See how his eyes are changing?

2012-04-03 (10)
A bit grainy, but you can see how his eyes are already changing from the pupil outward.

2012-04-03 (11)
Razzie and Darwin both have these really pretty, defined leg stripes.

2012-04-03 (12)
::streeeeeeeeetch:: I love that “zipper” going down her middle.

2012-04-03 (13)
Sweet Darwin.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


2012-04-03 (14)
During the day, when Miz Poo isn’t carrying toys through the entire house, keening at the top of her lungs, she hangs out here in the dining room. (Some day I’m going to sew a little padded mattress and pillow for that bed, I swear I am. Not that Miz Poo cares. Nor does Alice Mo, who gets that bed in the evenings.)


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4-3-12 — 38 Comments

  1. This whole time I’ve been following these babies (I’m a newcomer), I’ve been thinking it’s Newberry that I’m in love with. However, these new pics make it seem like Darwin is the cutest kitty EVEH! They are all so adorable it doesn’t really matter though. How about a pic of Darwin and Newberry together up close if you happen to get a chance to get one?

  2. What? No canopy on the bed for the Grand Dame and Princess of the house? And you call yourself a crazy cat lady! πŸ˜‰

  3. Logie gets prettier all the time! Darwin standing up and the zipper killed me with the cute. Miss Poo looks very queenly in that kitty bed.

  4. I see some tabby striping coming out on Logie’s forehead now. Looks like maybe she’ll be one of those dark smoke tabbies. So cute! Me thinks I need a kitten fix out at Crooked Acres soon….

  5. Every time I think the Noms can’t possibly get any cuter, they’ve grown another day and proven me wrong. You and Emmy have given these babies such a good start in life!

  6. I hope you leave the sound on next time so we can hear the kitty purrs and mews!! I don’t mind the baby talk. I’m sure those of us who watch your blog all do it, too.

    These are the cutest kittens.The pics of Darwin standing up are too much. Adorable fat little stripey belly, oh my gosh.

  7. As others have said, little-miss-standing-up Darwin is beyond cute!!! This baby puts HERSELF in a corner! πŸ™‚

  8. Loving Mis Poo’s bed (and that she time-shares with Alice Mo). My foster Tommy kicked Ruthie the American Girl out of her highly expensive bed… threw her right down on the floor along with her pillow and didn’t care, not one bit. That’s usually where I can find him during the day. Younger daughter got irritated that the padded mattress and bedding was always full of cat hair, so guess what’s on the bed for Tom to use? A towel. He’s good with it too.

    I never thought of looking for cat beds for the dolls to sleep in, though. I’d probably save a whole bunch of money come Christmas. πŸ˜‰

    • Aren’t cats the rudest? I can totally imagine Elwood kicking a doll out of her bed so he could sleep there!

  9. I get your feed in my Outlook RSS, but it doesn’t show the entire post. I get an abbreviation of the first paragraph and a link, and that’s it. I have to follow the link to see the kitties!

  10. I had my hopes that Logie’s ‘points’ meant she’d keep her blue eyes! So, to see if her eyes were also changing, I took a look at the full size ‘Logie-loaf’ photo on Flickr.

    Imagine my surprise when I saw that your photos are so good, your reflection is in Logie’s eyes (Warning: photo is LARGE)

    BTW, it does look like Logie’s eyes are also changing. They grow up so fast nowadays!

    I also like the Darwin standing photos. She looks so confused!

    Finally, due to Razzie’s tail, I’m a bit concerned about Manx syndrome… she does walk o.k., right? In one of those photos it looks like her right leg might be a bit twisted. If so, splints would help her legs grow straight.

    Just being a worry-wart busybody!

    • I’ve been meaning to mention that occasionally my reflection shows up in some of their eyes, which is neat!

      Razzie’s legs are okay, I’ve been keeping an eye on them just to be safe. She – well really, all of them – tend to slip and slide on the floor (and get their claws stuck in the rug, so they’re out of luck either way!), but when they’re just standing around or just walking (which is rare, since they usually race around like their butts are on fire), her legs are the same as her siblings’.

      Of course you’re a worrywart, we worrywarts have to stick together! πŸ˜‰

      • I’m SO happy to hear Razzie’s legs are OK. Now, we just have to keep an eye out for ‘elimination’ issues and if that’s o.k., I’ll have to worry about something else!

        Not to worry, I have plenty to worry about her at home with my two CRF oldsters! (Don’t worry, they’re both stable).


  11. I just don’t know how you handle the cute every day. I am miles away and just about can’t stand it.

    Also, love Razzie peeking from behind mom while Darwin stands in the corner.

  12. Aww, is that Darwin with the zipper? When we got our kittens, one of our girls had the same thing on her fluffy tummy, which we call her seam and which is still visible. It makes her look like she’s got a stitched area where her teddy-bear stuffing is (although in reality I think the sawdust is in her head, which is why she’s been named Doofus….) πŸ™‚

  13. Crawling forth out of the primordial ..uh.. floorboards, Darwin quickly passes from crawling, to all fours and finally stands erect on two feet. He gazes with pity at his four leg walking siblings as he evolves into… Catman!

    Loafin’ Logie! Mini catloaf!! Love it!

    Time Share Miz Poo says don’t disturb her, she’s only got so many hours in her vacation space!

  14. Does Darwin stand around like that very often? How soon until she takes of on a two-legged walk???

    And although I use GoogleReader, I would never dream of not clicking over to the full blog! I feel like it’s just bad manners not to! πŸ˜‰

  15. Logie’s not loafin’, she’s planning world domination…if only she could find Pinky & the Brain…
    OMG, how cute is Darwin standing up like that? bet her mum told her to get down quick smart – there are humans in the room, dear!

  16. In the photo of Newbery yawning, the first thing that came to mind was “Ma! The MEATLOAF!!” (Wedding Crashers) lol