4-3-09 – The Seven

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The kittens had a visitor yesterday – Katherine, who adopted two of Kara’s kittens (then they were River and Inara – now they’re Nate and Dora, which I think fits them better!) stopped by to visit, and the kittens handled it quite well. They weren’t skittish or scared of her at all (did I mention that it’s nice to have a bunch who are so friendly?) and in fact just considered her another person to climb on and be petted by (and entertain!).

We had a lot of rain last night, and we were watching TV when suddenly the ceiling in the living room started to leak. I went upstairs to so what was going on, and the ceiling in the closet of the foster room was leaking. We just got a new roof like a month ago! So the roof guy’s coming to investigate the source of the leak, and the kittens will get another visitor.

I hope he likes kittens!

2009-04-03 (7)
Ezra the sleepy.

Someone said last week that Beulah looks like she’s in a space ship when she sits in the middle of the ball-track toy. She certainly does!

2009-04-03 (9)
Jasper, appalled.

2009-04-03 (10)
Phinneas takes a break from playing.

2009-04-03 (11)

2009-04-03 (12)

2009-04-03 (13)
I got that black strap off a package we got in the mail, and the kittens think it is the BEST TOY EVER.


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