4-6-16 Wednesday

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That little Princess Consuela is forever keeping an eye on me.

Regina, showing off her big strong teef and her fabulous whiskers.

Sitting on her scratcher and havin’ a think.

“What doin’, weird lady?” wonders Bert Macklin.

Mama on vacation.

Ken Adams looks perpetually worried.

Susie always looks like she’s been in the dustbin.


Bert Macklin, wrestling a toy out of the basket o’ toys.

Did I mention that they’re doing a lot of climbing? They really like to climb the scratching post.

Ken Adams goes for the top of the triangle, but it’s a bit of struggle.

“Here!” says Art Vandelay. “Let me help!”

Climbing to the top of the crate (before I moved it out of the room).

Arriving at the top of the crate and taking a moment to look proud of himself.

Tandem climbing.


Videos! In the first one, they’re climbing like crazy.

YouTube link.

In the second video, Regina was playing with the trackball, and the sound was freakin’ Princess Consuela out, so she got hissy.

YouTube link.


Maxi, annoyed that I haven’t opened the garage door for her yet.


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4-6-16 Wednesday — 10 Comments

  1. I hope that having such cute Fakers around is a bit of help with the Stinkerbell sadness.

  2. When your page first opened I only got about half of the Princess Consuela picture. It looks like she is a giant cat in a mountain valley. It made me laugh out loud. The change in these monkeys is amazing day by day. I don’t know if it is their names, their looks or your great writing but I am just loving this group. I especially love the name Bert Macklin. Cracks me up everytime. Great naming scheme.

  3. I love how much Regina likes to play with her kittens. She seems to do that more than past mama kitties, do you think?

  4. That huge scratch-post is really unique! Good for climbing and sharpening claws. Where did you get it?

  5. You keep the toys in a basket? you heathen you..

    I was watching the princess pull out her floof suit and I thought, are you guys a little young for that? and apparently Ken agrees with me.

  6. It’s funny that something Mama was doing would freak them out so much! And I love the picture of Art Vandelay giving Ken Adams a little boost up! So cute!