4-5-16 Tuesday

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Thank you all so much for your kind words about Stinkerbelle – it helps more than you can know. It’s so weird not to have her glaring down at me or demanding that I hurry up with her snack in the morning. The other cats aren’t acting any differently, though I imagine there will be a reshuffling of the clowder as they reconfigure.


Now that they’re 5 weeks old, I’m finally getting around to posting the 1-month pictures! I meant to do it yesterday, but of course wanted to post about Stinkerbelle. Here they each are, at 1 week old and 1 month old.

Art Vandelay.

Bert Macklin.

Chanandler Bong.

Ken Adams.

Princess Consuela.


Clearly, they’ve reached the portion of their life when they don’t want to be held and don’t wanna look at the camera, they just want to make getting a decent picture of their faces hard for me. Here are a couple of outtakes:

Princess Consuela and the teef.

“ONE THOUSAND PERCENT DONE WITH YOUR SHENANIGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANS!!!!!!!” Ken Adams. I’ve looked at this picture many times, and every time it makes me howl.

Here are portraits (kind of) of each of the monkeys.

Princess Consuela.

Chanandler Bong.

Art Vandelay.

Bert Macklin.


Ken Adams.

At one month (okay, okay, 5 weeks) old, they are really getting to be like little cats. They’re doing a lot more exploring, they are all OVER that room.

Chanandler likes being able to seek out her mama whenever she wants.

Art Vandelay was not only the first one to start eating Regina’s food, he’s also become a water drinker.

Chanandler, having a dance party with Regina. (With all those nipples on display, this picture would totally be banned on Facebook!)

Ken enjoys a moment at the milk bar, while the possessor of the milk bar thinks about running away.

More milk bar.

Chanandler balancing on the edge of the big basket.

On the other side of that barrier is the closet where Regina’s litter box is. I don’t want the little ones in there yet, because there’s clumping litter in her box. Having that barrier there is driving these kittens NUTS, because they’re pretty sure there’s something awesome in there. If previous litters are anything to go by, they’ll be able to climb over the barrier in another couple of weeks, and by that time it’ll be safe for them to be around the clumping litter.

Checking out the water bowl. I need to get the fountain set up; it’ll blow their little minds.

Checking out the mirrors – and the bricks.

Such a patient mama.

The kittens are doing a great job peeing in the litter boxes – I haven’t seen an accident since Friday, and that was only because the space heater had been nudged a little too close to the litter boxes, and it made Susie nervous. On the other hand, I haven’t seen anything else (I think you know what I’m sayin’) in the litter boxes, which means that Regina is taking care of business on that front. Er… back. (Heh.)

I’ve never seen a mother continue to potty kittens once they’ve started eating solid food, so it will be interesting to see when she decides to stop doing that. I should say that I’ve only actually seen Art eating off her plate, but there’s kibble available, so most likely the majority of the kittens have at least given it a try.

They stopped sleeping in the crate over the weekend, so I took it out of the room yesterday to give them more room to run. They usually sleep either piled up in the big basket, or in a pile in the middle of the floor. I’ll take a cat bed in there at some point, but I don’t expect them to be too terribly interested in it.


Newt in the back yard, glaring.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Self? I wonder what Newt does all day long?” then here’s your answer: if he’s not eating, kneading, or sitting in the back yard glaring, then he’s curled up in the bed next to my computer, snoring to beat the band.

YouTube link.


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4-5-16 Tuesday — 22 Comments

  1. I am left without words on Stinkerbelle, I am so sorry. I am not sorry that you have these beautiful kittens – at such a fun age – to hopefully distract you and bring you joy – it is working for me and I thank you for that. Hoping not to touch a sensitive cord amongst the L&H community by the following – if you could set the picture of Ken Adams to the soundbite of the infamous knee clobbering “Why? Whyyyyyyy” sobs, it would work perfectly. (I apologize in advance – but it did make me laugh… yikes!) Also, the picture of Ken and Regina – Regina seems to be contemplating… “Meet someone, they said… fall in love, they said… have a family, they said…. ” hehe. Oh, and a day without Newt is like a day without sunshine! I think, he may actually be the original cat demeanor that Garfield is based upon… does he like lasagna? Thank you for sharing your fosters and permanent residents and the ups and downs of Crooked Acres with us – I appreciate it daily.

    • I really like your soundbite! But I still think Ken Adams is part possum – I think it’s the mouth/teef.

  2. Ken Adams’ outtake is hysterical! Princess Consuela’s portrait looks like she is about to whap your camera with her paw! As soon as I saw Chanandler and Regina’s picture, I thought, “THEY’RE DANCING!!!!” I am so glad my kitty isn’t the only one that snores!

  3. Those kittens sure do have the “Ears of Annoyance” down pat, don’t they?

  4. Oh I love the snoring Newtles! Put that on a loop and it would lull anyone to sleep!

    I wish I could fit in the crate and join the kitteh dance party! Can you hang a tiny disco ball in there? πŸ˜€

  5. I MUST tape Tygerman snoring away β€” let’s just say Newt’s got nothing on him! πŸ™‚

    So, so sorry about Stinkerbelle. They definitely leave huge voids.

  6. I am so sorry for your loss. Stinkerbelle was a very unique cat.

    My old and dear Chanie used to snore like that. Sometimes I would work on the couch and he would snore besides me and it would make me so very sleepy.

  7. Art cracks me up, but Ken Adams may be my favorite just because he SO reminds me of Nashville. πŸ™‚ The dance part picture is hilarious….

  8. I wish we had a dance video of Regina and her kids. Too much!

    Oh Newt, life is so tough. I can’t stand looking at curled up kitties like that without getting in their faces with kisses. Love kissing half-hidden cheeks.

  9. Snoring Newt! I really love that boy! And it makes me happy that Regina is such a playful mama- I feel bad for feral cats who are mamas before they are really done being kittens, so I’m so happy that she’s having fun!

  10. The out take of Ken Adams has had me snickering all morning! I love the opinionated ones.:) But most I’m enjoying the 1year ago photos of Gilly (Lucy) and her babies!!

  11. Ahh they grow up so fast. It’s a good thing they are still adorable.
    For all you fellow posters/followers, the 2012 post has piggies!

  12. Has anyone seen the promos for the new movie Keanu? It’s about a lost kitty named Keanu and the adventure his owner goes on to find him. Rumor is that Keanu Reeves did some voice over work for the movie. I am hoping he is the voice of the kitten.

    • THAT would be awesome. Somehow, i found myself trying to do a Keanu voice/speech impersonation and it sounded more like Christopher Walken.. which – and it’s been a lonnnnng day – made me laugh out loud – the thought of Christopher Walken’s voice/speech pattern coming out of a wee little kitten… yeah, I need to call it a day.

  13. My Snowball is a snorer and he loves to curl up right by my head and do it!