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Well, well, WELL, you guys CLEARLY have a favorite kitten, don’t you? There have been MANY days when I haven’t posted any pictures of Charming, but did anyone complain? Noooooo. But one single day without a Leia pic, and y’all are coming at me with pitchforks.

SORRY. I promise, it will never happen again, Girl Scout’s honor!!!

Aslan is super peeved. “I THOUGHT I WAS EVERYONE’S FAVORITE!!!”

Jareth is just laughing and laughing because he knows HE’s everyone’s favorite.

Jareth sure is sleepy. Is it his sleepiness y’all love so much?

Buttercup whispering in Leia’s ear. “Say hello to your public, PRINCESS BRATTY.”

A side by side comparison of Jareth (left) and Charming (right). Not only is Charming about twice as big as Jareth, but (and I hadn’t noticed before I saw this picture) Charming’s black is a glossy pure black, whereas Jareth is a brownish black.

Charming, asleep with his eyes (and mouth!) open.

Leia likes to tussle with her sister.

Leia also likes to bite Buttercup on the side of the head. To which Buttercup responds “Yeah, ::yawn:: whatEVER.”

Pretty girl.

She sure does love a belly rub.

Okay, Leia lovers – here’s a video with plenty of Leia in it. Everyone else is busy nursing, but Leia’s not sure she’s all that hungry.

YouTube link.

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Tommy’s pretty sure that HE’s your favorite.


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4-11-13 — 57 Comments

  1. Aaaannnnd the photo of Jareth’s facepalm just birthed a thousand new memes.

    Yo, Spanky! (In my best Joey Tribiani voice) How YOU doin’? Please don’t pay attention to a single solitary thing that I might say below.

    Pssst…. Don’t worry Aslan. You’re MY favorite.
    Pssst…. Don’t worry Jareth. You’re MY favorite.
    Pssst…. Don’t worry Buttercup. You’re MY favorite.
    Pssst…. Don’t worry Charming. You’re MY favorite.
    Pssst…. Don’t worry Leia. You’re MY favorite.
    Pssst…. Don’t worry Tommy. You’re MY favorite.

  2. Jareth’s tiny toe nails are just adorable. Thank you for the Leia pics and video – that satisfied my soul. Charming is a fav also…like them big kitties! LOL


  3. Each litter seems to have a “breakout star.” The most extreme example of this was Stompers (who has his own line of merchandise. Leia seems to be the breakout star of this bunch. Perhaps because she seems to be the most adventurous–she was the first out of the nest, after all.

  4. If I had to pick a kitten it would be Aslan (but there would be no contest between any kitten and Spanky – Spanky all the way :))

  5. Leia really doesn’t want to give up that prime sunbeam.

    I’m going to say Buttercup is my favorite, I think she’s the sleeper hit of this litter. πŸ™‚ She’s going to slowly charm you all.

  6. That Charming really is a behemoth! I’ve no favorite among this round-headed crew because each one offers something so special — just as each of the Perms makes his/her own mark. Thanks, Robyn!

  7. Thank you for the morning Leia cuteness with my coffee. Aslan is going to be a very magnificent looking adult..love watching them grow πŸ™‚

    • Yeah, she looked uncertain about joining the rush. As long as she’s getting fed, she’s a smart girl.

  8. ERMAGERD Charming you are one big boy!

    I must be a weirdo – they’re all my favorite πŸ™‚

    • Leai and Charming stole my heart, but yep…I would run off with any of them (including Kate) and would be very happy to give any of them tons of kisses!

      • They’re all my favorite too!
        Sheriff Mama is my favorite permanent resident though – followed by the Loonster.

  9. I’m especially fond of Jareth, not just for the name, but because he’s going to grow up into a lovely mancatly black cat. (and I do have a weakness for the black cat boys, just like my Percy.)

    But all the kittens are THE CUTEST EVER. At least until the next litter comes along. πŸ˜‰

  10. I love every last one of those little fuzzballs, but I can rest easy today after having seen Leia… She’s just so stinking adorable…

  11. Hey! I think I’ve been complaining about not enough Charming! πŸ™‚ But they’re alllllllll (including mama) my favorites. I lurves them all!

    I have to say though – I’m very interested to see how Aslan grows into his fur. His coloring really interests me and I’m wondering if he’s going to have obvious stripes on his body eventually or not. When you look at him face on – you can’t imagine there aren’t stripes and then you see him from the side and there’s no distinguishable lines!

  12. Buttercup is the break out star for me, those white whisky whiskers and that stripe down her nose are just killer. Kate though is just hands down gorgeous.

    As far as Tommy goes, he knows he’s our favorite.

  13. Aslan is by far my favorite, so reassure him that he has fans…
    He has the most interesting coloring, I can’t wait to see what he looks like in a month or so!

  14. Kitten butts!! (Some bigger than others). Dying!

    Handsome Tommy, you ARE my favorite. Always had a tendency for the glossy black beautiful boys.

  15. Aslan is growing into a very, very handsome boy Those color markings are amazing !!!

    Robyn all your cats are amazing and fascinating in their own special way !!!

    He may not be in this group of pictures but I have to say Corbie is my favorite !!!!!!!

  16. I have to say, Corbie was my fav out of his litter, Hoyt out of his, Dandelion from hers, STOMPERS!!!, Leia…. There is one from each that I would have snatched up. So glad I don’t live close to you. I would have like…13 resident cats!!! That would be CRAZY!!! hahahahaha!!! Just kidding with you, Robyn. 13 is a drop in the bucket! πŸ˜‰

  17. Wow, Kate was very VIGOROUSLY grooming that kitten! Maybe she feels like she better get her licks in (!) when she has the chance. πŸ™‚

  18. Mama Kate is my favorite. She’s just so pretty! And of course, Corbie, is just one handsome rogue.

  19. Well, I’m not ashamed to admit Leia’s my favorite. She’s just the sweetest thing ever. And in the video she’s got that drunk wobble that’s just the cutest thing ever!

  20. Want to know who’s my favorite? Um.. Whichever one is being featured.. Though being a Star Wars geek, Leia does hold a tiny extra bit of my heart..
    Want to know who’s my favorite Permanente Resident? Um, whoever is being featured.. Though I have a HUGE soft spot for Loon Master J and his beloved late brother Elwood.
    Tommy! I could kiss that little upturned sun-shiny face!
    Love Kate’s ‘Wut’ MOL

  21. Robyn, I am so sorry to read that Spanky is gone. Thank heaven he had some relatively healthy time at the end for farewells to be said…but then, there never is enough time, is there? My thoughts and heart are with you and Fred today.

  22. Oh no Spanky! I’m sitting in the middle of a conference and tearing up at seeing this! But I’m so glad he felt better recently. Hugs Robyn and Fred!!

  23. I do have a soft spot for tiny Leia. 5 1/5 years ago, I rescued a pair of twin tabbies who were only 5 weeks old. They were named Luke and Leia, and Leia is a golden brown tabby, all grown up from a tiny orphan into a beautiful lady cat. Your baby Leia looks a lot like my baby Leia, except mine’s a mackerel tabby.

  24. I am so sorry about Spanky. He was a sweet boy. You gave him wonderful life. Hugs to you both and to all his brothers and sisters.

  25. What happened? I’m not on Facebook-can someone update what is going on? What are people seeing that some people aren’t?

  26. Pam & Maureen – We said goodbye to Spanky this afternoon at the vet. He started going downhill pretty rapidly at the beginning of the week, refused to eat no matter what we did. It was his time, and we were with him until the very end. There’ll be a post about him up tomorrow morning.

    • Spanky had a huge fan club — and rightly so. Thanks for sharing him with us. He was one excellent fellow and will be in lots of folks’ thoughts and dreams for a very long time.

  27. I’m so sorry about Spanky!! He had a wonderful life and was kept happy and comfy.

  28. Oh Robyn and Fred, I’m so sorry about Spanky. I know he was loved and he knew it too. I hope somehow he found my Shortie, Doc and Kramer and is playing with them right now. Hugs to you all at Crooked Acres.

  29. Oh I’m so sorry to hear about Spanky. I know that you and Fred worked to give him a good quality of life and a lot of love. I remember you in the past making decisions with his well-being firmly in mind.

    Please know that you gave him a good life, and he knew it.