4-11-16 Monday

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Art Vandelay, sharpening his claws on the tiny basket.

Chanandler Bong, laying in my lap and looking sleepy.

Is it just me, or are these kittens looking particularly pouty today?

Sleepy Susie.

Sleepy Chanandler and Susie, ignoring me.


A sunspot and a nice warm 25 pound weight to rest her paws upon. What more could a sleepy Susie want?


Art Vandelay, wondering if he could climb that cord (shortly after, I moved the scratcher).

Susie was first over the barrier into the closet.

She was all “Princess Consuela! You gotta see this!”

Princess Consuela checked it out, didn’t find it all that impressive, and returned to the room.

Then Ken Adams climbed the barrier, and he got this far and was like “I don’t know what to dooooo!” while Princess Consuela tried to help. “Get that leg OVER the barrier! There’s a litter bucket on the other side, you can sit on that and then jump down!”, but Ken was all “??????!” and didn’t understand.

Saturday afternoon, I went upstairs to hang out with the kittens and Regina. I found, when I opened the door, that Chanandler Bong was the only kitten NOT snoozing in the closet. As soon as they heard me walk into the room, Princess Consuela and Susie came right back over the barrier. The boys, on the other hand, scrabbled at the barrier and whined about how they couldn’t get out. So I just went ahead and took the stupid thing down. I haven’t started moving their litter boxes into the closet, but that’ll be the next thing I do. For the time being they’re using their own litter boxes and Regina’s big litter box (which I’m a little amazed they can get into!) sometimes, too.

Regina finally gave up the pottying, and all the kittens are pooping in the litter box now (well, I assume they all are – there’s plenty of it in the boxes). I haven’t seen all of them eating solid food, but I’ve seen most of them doing it, and I’ll probably have to start giving Regina her snack up high where the kittens can’t get to it – as it is, as soon as I put her plate down, she’s got a crowd of kittens lined up to help her out. Those kittens, SO helpful!

I can’t believe these little monsters will be six weeks old tomorrow. Time flies!




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4-11-16 Monday — 12 Comments

  1. Pouty kittens are the perfect start (and reaction) to this rainy Monday! Where did this weekend go?!? Where did the last 6 weeks go?!? Have a great week – see ya’ tomorrow!

  2. In the 4th picture – Susie’s right wrist – is that a heart? Or just wishful thinking?

  3. There’s a whole lot of thlurrping going on — delightfully so. Thanks for spoiling those kittens and cats. Not to mention us!