4-12-16 Tuesday

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Their eyes are changing, have you noticed? Why can’t they stay that dark purply blue color forever, whyyyyyy? (Bert Macklin’s all “‘Cause they CAN’T, dumb lady. We is growing up!”)

Ken Adams looks like he’s having an existential crisis. “Is this basket… GETTING SMALLER?!” And Chanandler’s all “No, you’re getting bigger!”

Susie says “I don’t WANNA grow up!” Well, little miss, I’m with you. I want you to stay teeny tiny forever!

Art Vandelay, laying atop the track ball toy with a mouth full of someone’s tail.

“I am NOT getting too chunky for my space ship, lady, and I resent you saying it. I fit just fine!”

Art belly!

Chanandler gets her face washed.

Princess Consuela and Susie, hanging in the basket.

Chanandler looks like she’s up to no good.

“Watchin’ you, lady.”

Regina’s all “All RIGHT, you kids. I came up on this shelf to have a little quiet time, not to be swarmed by y’all.”

“Really, lady? REALLY? You gots nothing better to do than take pictures of me just minding my business? Let me tell you: 100% over your shenanigans is what I am.”

Chanandler Bong considered this cord aesthetically displeasing, and was trying to remove it.

I have begun the great Litter Box Closet Move. Yesterday, I put Regina and the kittens in the crate, moved it into the bathroom, and scrubbed their room down. Then I moved two of the four little litter boxes into the closet next to her litter box, added a medium-sized litter box, and filled everything with fresh litter. The sooner I can get all the litter boxes into the closet, the better. That room gets understandably stinky with all those babies in there constantly doing their thing, so once I get all the litter boxes moved into the closet, I’ll set up and run the air purifier, which will help a little.

Can you believe they’re six weeks old today? Another six weeks and it’ll be time for their spays and neuters, rabies shots, ID chips. Time is going by way too fast!


Video! Chanandler Bong, feelin’ floofy. In the first second, something was making her floof up (I think it was Regina playing with a toy). In the second section, my foot was freakin’ her out. Naturally, the instant I stopped making the video, she ran over and gave my foot the ol’ slappity-slap. And then I snatched her up and kissed her.

YouTube link.


Poor Alice – she’s so tired of me and my nonsense. I bet she’d like to slap that camera right out of my hands.

YouTube link.


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4-12-16 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. Morning! That’s Susie in the second half of that video – I’d know those toes anywhere!

        • She does! In a perfect world, I’d be able to get pictures of the two of them sitting side by side, showing their toes. Unfortunately, they’re not cooperating with me, but I’m still trying!

  2. Do I see 3 little white commas on that one little otherwise-all-grey face? (Sorry, I’m like Fred in my inability to recognize which kitten is which. Except Chanandler Bong. Also, I would totally keep her name if I adopted her. And pronounce her last name “BOOONNNNNNGGGGG”, like a big old bell.)

    • That’s Princess Consuela (which I only know because I can see the white at her throat) – and I *think* that’s just a trick of the light. Or maybe they’re just really subtle commas, because when I look at her in person, I don’t see them.

  3. Ohmygodiwantthemall! 😀 And what a great idea for the name, I’m jealous I didn’t think of it 😀 😀

  4. “Ken Adams looks like he’s having an emotional crisis. ‘Is this basket… GETTING SMALLER?!’ And Chanandler’s all ‘No, you’re getting bigger!'” Upon reading the caption, I looked back at the picture and pictured Ken Adams just growing bigger… and bigger… and bigger.

  5. those slippers are skeery (on a side note, I love when the kittens are tiny like we have now, but I can’t wait for the fun to begin when they start running around like loons)

  6. Alice looks like she forgot to put eyeliner on one of her eyes this morning. And I love that baleful look she’s giving you. “Sigh, lady. The nonsense I put up with from you.” I think it represents how most cats feel about their people.

  7. I told you to put a stop to that growing up thing weeks ago.. but did you listen to me then? NOoooo.. so you reap what you sow..

    🙂 They all look so good.

  8. Has it been three years since we said goodbye to Spanky? I just wanted to cuddle that old man and hear him purr. Love that pic with Spot in the wingback chair.