4-13-16 Wednesday

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The Fakers are six weeks old now – as I mentioned in yesterday’s post – and I thought that today we’d take a look at each of them in more detail. Pardon these pictures – they aren’t the greatest, because my photography assistant was unavailable for assisting yesterday.

Art Vandelay from the front.

Art’s left side – I love that big white swirl on his side.

And Art’s right side.

Bert Macklin from the front.

If you look closely, you’ll see the thin white stripe down the center of his chest, and the white toes on his back feet.

A closeup of the back toeses.

Chanandler Bong from the front.

Chanandler’s right side.

Chanandler’s left side.

A view of the top of her head. I call that black spot in the center her angel’s kiss.

Ken Adams from the front.

Ken from above – he started out with three white dots on his back, and as he’s getting bigger, the dots are spreading.

Ken’s right side.

Ken’s left side.

Princess Consuela from the front.

Princess Consuela from the side, ducking a face wash from her mama.

Princess Consuela’s belly. You can see she’s got a white locket at her throat, a swoosh about where a bikini top would be, and bikini bottoms.

Susie from the front (well, the front and side a little).

Susie’s left side.

Susie’s right side.

The belly of the beast.

Regina Phalange from the front.

Regina from above (she is SUCH a pretty girl!)

And a view of her right side (I didn’t get a left-side shot).

I’d like to promise the same shots of each kitten when they’re 12 weeks old, but I can’t swear that that’ll happen. We’ll see!


Stefan enjoys the day. We had a rail added to the side stoop a couple of months ago, and Stefan and Archie spend a lot of time there surveying their domain.


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4-13-16 Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. Wonderful Fakers, super photos. Down his right side, Art seems to have (right to left) a galloping headless creature or (left to right) an anteater. Ken Adams has a muskrat on his right side and a six-legged headless beastie on his left. Susie has a six-legged T-Rex down her left side and a beaver on her right.

  2. Oh my gosh, Art Vandelay’s right side is a gray cat with a tiny head! Susie’s left side looks like someone tried picking her up with paint on their hand! Chanandler Bong has matching spots on each side! And the cutest toes ever! Oh my gosh, I’m dying from the cute!!!! Ok, Susie has some pretty awesome toes too! Each one of those kittens, and Regina are squee-able! Squeee!!!

    Edit: Just saw the comment from Kerry, and Susie DOES have a T-rex! Oh my gosh!

  3. You did a GREAT job photographing everyone!! Bert – swoon!!!
    Stefan certainly looks content! 🙂

  4. What are the chances of you getting a pic of Stefan AND Archie on the railing at the same time? LOL

    • That’s just crazy talk! (It was also something I thought about when I saw that picture). Those boys are so much alike yet they refuse to accept it & just become brothers. I can just imagine the Battle Royale for the Side Stoop Rail that would ensure!

  5. Maybe it’s just us or maybe it’s because we love Art Vandelay the most but… the dark fur on Art’s right side shot looks like the outline of a kitten about to leap (the tail of the leaping kitten is his tail). You help raise the most magical kittens!

    • I saw the very same thing right away on Art! And now I see the T Rex on Susie…magical, indeed!