4-14-16 Thursday

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Would whoever sent us the Flying Frenzy cat toy, please report to me so that I can thank you? I haven’t opened it yet, but I can tell already that it’s going to be popular with the cats!


I saw this picture of Corbie and Jake in the post from six years ago, and oh my heart.

“Hi, Mister! Whatcha doin’? You takin’ a bath, Mister? You have nice long whiskers, Mister. I have short whiskers, but that’s ’cause I’m little. The Lady says when I get bigger, I’ll have pretty long whiskers like you. I can’t wait! I want to have long whiskers too!”

Don’t you worry, tiny Corbie, you grew up to be the MOST beautiful boy with a long and luxurious set of whiskers.

I sure do miss that boy.


Princess Consuela, dismounting from the top of the triangle scratcher. Hey, whatever works, right?

Ken Adams likes to hang on the side of the curvy scratcher. He needs to enjoy it while he can – at the rate they’re growing, that thing isn’t going to hold him for much longer!

Sweet Princess Consuela in the pie plate – and Regina keeping an eye on her (and me).


“What? Is comfy!”

Art Vandelay, gettin’ sneaky.

They LOVE that little red and blue mouse; someone’s always killing it.

Ken and Art, tusslin’ on the lowest shelf of the cat tree.

I love that Susie is in mid-pounce.

Regina’s all “YOU KIDS! Back off! Mama needs a minute to herself!”

Regina was hanging out on the shelf, and Chanandler (standing in the basket) was trying SO hard to reach her.

But the shelf is too high and Chanandler is too little.

Basket o’ cute.

This seems safe and not at all like you’ll break your neck, little girl.

Tandem climbing.


Video! Regina Phalange does her best to keep those bratty little kittens clean, and they fight her every step of the way. RUDE.

YouTube link.




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4-14-16 Thursday — 14 Comments

  1. That video made me laugh for sooo many reason. Bless Regina. She sure has her hands/paws full!

    The wide legged stance of Chanandler (trying to get onto the shelf with Regina) SLAYS me.

    Baby Corbie – sorta choked me up. He was my favorite Bookworm and would have been the one I adopted if I could have. He was soooo booootiful!

    • I got a little misty looking at the baby Corbs, too. But given the kitten antics that followed, I had to smile again! 🙂

      • I agree, Corns was one of my favs – I know that is bad in real live…

  2. Aw Corbie. Such a good picture with him and Jake.
    What is the cord that is hanging from the curved scratchy thingy that Ken Adams is on?

    • I have a curvy scratcher like it. The cord holds a toy that hangs underneath the part of the S that forms a tunnel with the floor. (Guess how long mine lasted.)

  3. I love that Susie is in mid-pounce. could also take the caption “dinosaurs don’t use scratching posts”

    <3 Corbie

  4. Beautiful baby Corbie! He and his brudders looked like chocolate box kitties. So adorable and cute. Love seeing his baby and grownup face, although I always get misty eyed.

    And Chanandler’s splay legged stance is killing me DED. I love all the shapes in the kitties’ fur; I can never unsee Susie’s T. rex!

  5. There for a moment, I thought Dennis was a throw-back Thursday picture of Corbie!