4-15-16 Friday

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Kerry said: Down his right side, Art seems to have (right to left) a galloping headless creature or (left to right) an anteater.
Andrea said: Oh my gosh, Art Vandelay’s right side is a gray cat with a tiny head!
Colehaus Cats said: Maybe it’s just us or maybe it’s because we love Art Vandelay the most but… the dark fur on Art’s right side shot looks like the outline of a kitten about to leap (the tail of the leaping kitten is his tail).

Kerry said: Ken Adams has a muskrat on his right side

Kerry said: [Ken Adams has] a six-legged headless beastie on his left.

Kerry: Susie has a six-legged T-Rex down her left side
Andrea: Susie’s left side looks like someone tried picking her up with paint on their hand! Edit: Just saw the comment from Kerry, and Susie DOES have a T-rex!

Kerry: [Susie has] a beaver on her right.

Andrea: Chanandler Bong has matching spots on each side! And the cutest toes ever!

Did you notice that not only does Chanandler have matching spots on her sides, she’s also got matching spots on her toes – the outside of her paws, at least? I had never noticed that until I was going through my pictures for Wednesday’s post. I hadn’t noticed the T-rex or any of the other stuff either, to be honest. I think seeing them up close every day, I tend not to notice that sort of thing – thanks for pointing it out!


Has it been three years since we said goodbye to Spanky? I just wanted to cuddle that old man and hear him purr. Love that pic with Spot in the wingback chair.

What a spectacularly crappy time we’ve had these past three years as far as losing cats. I mean, Spanky was getting to be an old man and Miz Poo was getting up in years, but that didn’t make losing them any easier. Then to lose all the others we’ve lost, from Elwood on (though we lost Elwood before Spanky), I’ve told Fred more than once that I feel like Crooked Acres is under a dark cloud. I am hoping so very much that we’ve seen our last loss for at least a couple of years.


I knew it. Yoda’s real name is Ken Adams and he’s got a peeenk nosie.

I ADORE that picture.


What is the cord that is hanging from the curved scratchy thingy that Ken Adams is on?

warriorinside said: I have a curvy scratcher like it. The cord holds a toy that hangs underneath the part of the S that forms a tunnel with the floor. (Guess how long mine lasted.)

Yep, that’s what it is. They removed that toy in no time flat, and I have no idea where the toy has gone, or I’d reattach it. What I need to do is remove the cord, because the kittens REALLY like to chew on it, and I’d hate for one of them to swallow it.


Like mother…

like son. (Art Vandelay)

Like mother…

like daughter. (Susie)

Like mother…

like son… (Ken Adams)

like son. (Bert Macklin)

Like mother…

“NO, Mama.” (Chanandler Bong)

Chanandler Bong and Art Vandelay have a snuggle.

Pretty Susie.

Don’t be fooled, he will mess you UP if you touch that belly.


What are the chances of you getting a pic of Stefan AND Archie on the railing at the same time?

I would have said that the chances were pretty close to zero, but a few weeks ago this happened:

That right there is Archie and Stefan, sleeping on Fred’s bed. And they did it all afternoon long. I have no idea what’s going on – but I can report that I have about 5 Feli-Way plug-ins scattered through the house at the moment, so perhaps that has something to do with it. It could also be that they’re spending more time outside now that the weather has turned milder, or maybe they’re just mellowing as they get older and more accustomed to each other. Who knows?!


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  1. I hope you won’t mind me posting this here — but it’s something important to any pet owner. Yesterday a neighbor knocked on my door, said there was a dead dog lying in my driveway. The dog had a Cheetos chip bag over its face. I called animal control, since it was a fairly large, beautiful dog, probably escaped a fence. Didn’t have a mark on it, just the bag. The animal control guy touched the bag; it was stuck. He said that is what killed the dog: it suffocated. I looked that up online, and apparently dogs AND cats can die by suffocation with a chip bag on their head. They go in it to lick/eat, and their breathing sets up a seal; it kills within five minutes. I had never heard of that, so very sad. Anyway, just a warning to everyone about chip bags.

    Loved your post today – those are some cute kittehs and they are climbers too!

    • OMG – the tongue pictures….I’m dead. And Chanandler and the ears of “nope” to her momma. I have to say though….I am a little partial to Ken Adams. I think maybe because he reminds me so much of my former foster Nashville – from the toupe to the blank “what” expression.

      • I was thinking the same thing. Slice it down the side so it is no longer a bag!

        Poor baby! Poor family!!

    • Two of my cats absolutely LOVE chips (of any kind) and if we leave a bag out one of them will get into it. It’s a rare occasion now-a-days for that to happen but when it does luckily either they’ve torn a hole in the side so suctioning shouldn’t be able to happen or it’s knocked on the floor where the dog gets it and tears it up. But now I’ll be doing what Random Felines says and slicing them in half before throwing out on the off chance it should get loose from the garbage and an animal gets at it. Thanks for sharing, if learning about this saves just one animal then you’ve helped.

    • That’s a _________ stupid way to die. I already rip up those six-pack rings that come with cans, I guess I’m ripping up snack bags too.

  2. LOL@ t-rex.. it’s kinda like laying in a meadow looking at clouds..

    I too hope you don’t have another death for years.. and years. it has been overwhelming for those of us out here, I can only imagine what you are going through.

    • Yes, having lost several myself its a painful thing to go through. I hope we all don’t lose anymore fur babies for a long, long time. I’ve cried every time you’ve lost one because I feel what its like.

  3. obviously Stefan and Archie are practicing for the Synchro Sleeping event at the 2016 Cat Olympics being held in Meowterdam, The Netherlands.

  4. Hi Robyn! (waving from Gulf Shores). If Alabama wasn’t such a looooong state, I might ask permission to drive up and visit you and the kitties. I think this is the cutest litter ever!

  5. I am seriously in love with Ken Adams! Hey, everybody, move over to make room for one more…