4-24-19 Wednesday

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The Half Pints are 10 weeks old today! That just doesn’t even seem possible, does it?

Mary’s pretty sure she’s all grown up and wonders if she can borrow the keys to the car.

Albert in a basket.

“Coming through!”

Pa’s gettin’ grabby.

I think we’ve got a lights-on-no-one-home situation with Willie.

Almanzo, posing with Pa.

I believe Caroline was considering making a grab for Laura’s tail.

Laura in a box! (Mary trying to decide if she wants to be in the box too.)

I swear, this girl looks perpetually amazed. (Laura)

Pa’s having some quiet time.

“She didn’t see me, did she?”

So, you may have noticed that (horribly ugly) brown couch in a couple of the pictures. At this point, the fosters have the run of the entire upstairs during the day, including the large room that is (was) Fred’s office. The couch – which used to be downstairs – was moved into that room a few months ago when we bought a new couch.

The couch is one that Fred’s father and stepmother gave us at least a decade ago. I believe it was 20ish years old at that point, and I LOVE THAT COUCH. It is incredibly comfortable, but the cats trashed it and I bought a cover for it (which doesn’t really improve its appearance at all, I KNOW). We talked about having the couch reupholstered, but decided to move it upstairs and buy a new couch for the living room instead. At this point, the kittens – and Charles and Caroline – spend most of their day hanging out in that big room (it’s no longer Fred’s office; more on that in a minute), playing, snoozing on the couch, and looking out the windows.

Fred’s office was in that room until about 2 weeks ago, when the kittens started to be an issue while he was working. He has some pretty expensive equipment (he’s a software engineer) and we both worried that the kittens would inadvertently do some damage. He tried closing them out of his office, but once you’ve given cats access to a room, they protest VERY VERY LOUDLY when you take that access away. We discussed our options, and ended up moving Fred’s office into his room, temporarily, where there’s a built-in desk.

Once the Half Pints have moved on, we’re going to do some room rearranging, and with the next bunch of fosters, we’re going to try using the big room as the foster room. I hope it works out, because I think it’d be perfect as a foster room. If it doesn’t work out, for whatever reason, that’s fine, we’ll just do some more rearranging. I’m tickled pink at the idea of having a foster room big enough for a couch, because I’ve been wanting that for yeeeeears. So fingers crossed!


“I KNOW I’m magnificent, lady. You don’t gotta keep telling me!” Khal Drogo and the Ears of Annoyance.


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4-24-19 Wednesday — 12 Comments

  1. Love Khal Drogo and his majestic Ears of Annoyance! Please don’t let him shave any of that glorious mane off though, that would be a tragedy. (like Jason Momoa did about a week ago)

  2. Re-arrange the house to suit the needs of the felines?
    Makes sense to me 🙂 !!!!

  3. Of course you have the ideal situation with no carpets and many spare rooms, but here when we close off a room, our cat claws up the carpet and I mean CLAWS it up to the point where we now have holes and need to replace it.

  4. That lights-on-no-one-at-home comment re: Willie is pretty funny, when you remember the story arc in the book (a later one; Little Town?) where Willie starts acting as if he is “half-witted” to get out of doing schoolwork. The teacher takes matters into his own hands and thrashes him, supposedly solving the problem.

  5. The “Coming through!” picture of Charles and Caroline cracked me up! The caption is perfect…

    Oh, like I haven’t rearranged/purchased/given up use of furniture over the lives of my cats. I wouldn’t even try to deny that one.

  6. I have loved following the Half-Pints. They are so cute! My brother and sister-in-law live in Huntsville (not too far from you, from the looks of it) and I have tried getting them to adopt some of this family. Alas, their last cat marked their whole house and now they only have 3 indoor dogs. So no more cats for them for a while.

  7. Oh, and how cute is that cardboard cat head/scratching…bed?…basket?…Mary’s car?

  8. What couch…I’m only here for the kitties!!!! Don’t worry like that (thank you for all you do for fosters, kitties)!

    BTW I had to go pick up some plants but couldn’t leave until 6 am to read your update…. is that addiction or what? TY

  9. Khal must be Maine Coon with a ruff like that! Magnificent beast! I rearranged my house for my cats and that’s just how it is! Larger kitten nursery sounds divine!