4-25-19 Thursday

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Here are the Half Pints at 10 weeks old!






And HERE is a shot of all 5 kittens!

Albert, Almanzo, Laura, Willie, Mary.

BUT WAIT! Can we get the whole family in one picture, can we, can we?

Pa’s on the couch, and Ma’s back there with her head in the clouds.

Then Pa jumped down (you can see a bit of his head in the bottom of the picture) and Ma was all “What’s going on over HERE?”

YES! Caroline, Willie, Almanzo, Albert, Laura, Mary and Charles!

Willie, Mary and Albert.

Mary and Pa.


Sheriff Mama (Kara) kind of looks like she could be the Half Pints’ mother, doesn’t she?


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  1. Aw, I love the family portrait! When you look at Caroline next to her Half Pints, it’s amazing that all 5 of them fit inside her. They’ve grown so much!