4-25-18 Wednesday

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I put this carrier up on the counter so that Katia could get away from the humans when she wants to, and have a safe and private place. She spends a good part of her day up there, and spends most of the nighttime out in the room.

And then the big kittens realized they could climb to the top of the big crate, jump up on the counter, and hang out with mama whenever they wanted.

So I took the big crate out of the room – part of the reason that carrier is up there on the counter for Katia is so that when the time comes and I need her in a carrier, she’ll already BE in the carrier and I can just close it. (In theory, anyway.) If I need to get Katia somewhere and there are kittens in there with her, then that becomes a problem. Also, they’ve pretty much stopped hanging out in the big crate, so taking it out gives them a bit more room.

“Hmph!” said Deanzilla. “Then I’ll just hang out with Granny!”
“Oh, joy,” said Granny Kristi.

Katia will come down when I’m in the room if she needs to eat or use the litter box. When she hits the floor, you KNOW kittens will come to greet her.

The kittens are eating on their own (some more than others), but all of them are nursing when they can. And since she’s the one present during the day, Kristi’s the one who provides the milk.

If Kristi’s face doesn’t say “I blame you for this,” I don’t know what does.

“I REALLY blame you, lady. This is somehow all YOUR fault.”

Tessa’s all “Yeah!”


“‘SIGH,’ I say!”


Videos! In the first one, Katia is down and Scott goes for the milk bar. He doesn’t care that she’s not his mama!

YouTube link

And in the second, Kristi’s the milk bar and – by the end – all 10 kittens are present. Not all trying to nurse, thankfully, but present!

YouTube link


I love this picture of Frankie in the pot o’ catnip, but what really cracks me up is Alice behind the pot, nomming on some catnip leaves.


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4-25-18 Wednesday — 9 Comments

  1. How cute is Deanzilla hanging with his Granny?

    Frankie is so handsome, *swoon*.

  2. Bless Kristi…..she is feeding an ARMY!!!!

    “she’ll already BE in the carrier” – that made me laugh and laugh….

  3. Katia is just so pretty! I wish she would settle down and decide humans weren’t so bad…

  4. Hey, Robyn, serious question: Have you ever had similar cases to Shelly at TinyKittens? She’s had several litters of kittens in which one or more didn’t make it. Currently, she’s lost 3 kittens out of 3 mamas and the 4th one has a guarded prognosis. Is it due to having non-feral vs. feral mamas to start with? I would love to hear your perspective on this.

  5. When our tame cat had a litter (first) of 7 kittens, they were doing beautifully for about 3 weeks and then they started dying. We lost 4 including the fattest, biggest one. My vet said she thought it was probably FIP. She said in litters of pure bredsit is usually worse with the whole litter dying.