4-24-18 Tuesday

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The Oksana blend has a bit of the attitude this morning. It’ll get your day started right!

I shouldn’t be surprised that the big kittens have figured out how to climb atop the crate, but I am. STOP GROWING, KITTENS.

All alone on the bus, woe.

I suspect there’s a large contingent of the Virtue-Moir fandom who would like to believe the human version of this pair also sleep snuggled up like this on the regular.

Katarina keeps the little ones company at the milk bar.

Ohno, showing off her white paws (well, one of them.)

Those whiskers are outta control, Katarina. I think maybe we need to put some mousse on them.

That box (Emmy’s box!) has gotten quite popular with the little ones.

Oksana and Katarina, babysitting.

Oksana, is that a SMILE I see on your face?

Keepin’ the toes clean.

“Who, me?” Yes YOU, Deanzilla.

Torvill, up close.

Tiny Debi in the Tiny Basket.

“Hallo, lady.” Oh, that Picabo.

The older 4 kittens went on a field trip to my bedroom for a couple of hours yesterday morning. They have literally spent their entire lives in the foster room, so seeing this new room (AND they could get into the bathroom from there!) kind of blew their minds. They ran around together, checked everything out, and then curled up on a blanket to nap. They weren’t sure what they thought about this new room, but I expect that after a few more trips they’ll relax and start having fun.


Dewey’s all “How YOU doin’?”


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4-24-18 Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. Kristi = Grandma….but it is weird to think that her 8 week old babies are aunts and uncles!!!!!

  2. 2017: Andy and Belle formerly Andouille and Beignet *sigh* they were SOOOOO little!

    If kittens (and children) could just stay little that would be great!
    *My son is a senior and graduating in 4 wks. He’s been on some field trips to “other rooms” but I am NOT ready for him to leave for good!