4-22-20 Wednesday

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They’re 10 weeks old!

3 of the 5 are now over 3 pounds: Alejandro the largest at 3 pounds, 4 ounces. Javier and Diego are 1 ounce behind him at 3 pounds, 3 ounces. Carmelita’s at 2 pounds, 11 ounces, and Pablo remains the little guy at 2 pounds, 5 ounces. Given the way he eats, I kind of expected him to be closer to Carmelita’s weight at this point, but I think maybe he’s just going to be little. It certainly doesn’t stop him from, well, anything. He’ll jump on his much bigger brothers without hesitation.

Adoption news: We have adoptions pending on Carmelita, and on Pablo & Diego. This leaves Isabella and Alejandro & Javier still available.

Alejandro and Javier are a bonded pair and must go together – once more, for the people in the back: ALEJANDRO AND JAVIER ARE A BONDED PAIR AND MUST GO TOGETHER.

Y’all who have been around for a while should recognize that I rarely insist on certain kittens/cats going together. In fact, last year it took me at least a month to decide that Charles and Caroline were bonded because that’s not a decision I make lightly. People like to declare that certain kittens are bonded because they see pictures of together and decide that they’re always that way but it ain’t so. I take a LOT OF PICTURES (one day I’ll actually keep track of how many pictures I take; today is not that day) and delete a lot. I have probably not shared terribly many pictures of Alejandro and Javier together, but that’s just how it’s worked out. I don’t like to declare a bond where I don’t see one, so when I say that these two are bonded? They’re bonded. You’ve got to trust that the person who spends the most time with them knows what she’s talking about. There’s a bond, and they would miss each other terribly. If insisting that the two of them have to go together means it takes longer for them to be adopted? That’s fine. We want what’s best for them.

Conversely, Carmelita is being adopted without one of her siblings; Forgotten Felines’ kitten policy doesn’t state that kittens must always be adopted with siblings – it states that there must be a kitten or young cat in the household for the kitten to play with. I know we always want a kitten to be adopted with a sibling because we hate the idea of “splitting up a family,” we hate the idea of kittens being scared, but we’ve had innumerable kittens adopted singly who have become the very best of friends with their new siblings. I expect that Carmelita will be a very happy girl and much loved.

So please know that what we want is what’s best for the kittens and cats we foster, we’re not just going about this willy-nilly.

(The kittens are going for their spay/neuter surgeries two weeks from today, and will likely start heading home soon after. If you’re interested in adopting Alejandro and Javier or Isabella, please email Forgotten Felines of Huntsville at info (at) ffhsv.org)


I love how the sunlight shows how ridiculously long Pablo’s fur actually is.

And I love how Pablo feels duty-bound to show us what a little goober he is. Like we didn’t already know.

“That boy ain’t right.”

Getting attitude from Diego and Alejandro. A double helping of ‘tude!

“What is this thing I’m sitting in?” wonders Pablo.

Listening attentively while I tell him it’s a Llama basket bought on impulse at Target last year. Appears to no longer be available.

Pablo prefers to use it as a strategic location where he can hide and smack at Mama as she strolls by.

Javier and Pablo and the guilty little faces.

4 of the 5 (Alejandro had other things to do, apparently.)


Speaking of loony faces, here’s the OG Loon, Jake. He’s looking loonily smug.


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4-22-20 Wednesday — 11 Comments

  1. So glad about pending adoptions & so jealous! I’d keep them all if I could….such a sweet mama & babies! My morning smile & dose of cheer. Thanks so much.

  2. Robyn – are any of the kittens – at this point – ‘lap kittens’? You know, the one or ones that willingly walk right over and curl up in your lap and watch the mayhem and shenanigans? Is it too early for that? I love the hopping skittering clips you share and this group looks pretty ‘up on their shenanigans’ – they all seem to participate equally. Oh, and Carmelita seems to certainly hold her own with her bros!

  3. That second picture of Pablo reminds me of the phrase “Dance like no one’s watching” but I still giggled at “That boy ain’t right!” Great news about the adoptions – and wouldn’t it be terrific if they ALL could be adopted straight from your home to their forever homes, not setting a paw inside of Petsmart!

  4. “That boy ain’t right.” OMG Robyn laughed out loud. You are a genius……. your comment and the look on Mama’s face is spot on!