4-23-20 Thursday

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Diego gets his thlurrrp on. It’s Thlurrrpsday, after all.

And Alejandro thlurrrps too.

Diego loves this curvy scratcher. He’s just a fan of scratchers altogether, really.

I love that I caught Javier in the middle of a complaint.

Pablo has a snooze.

The only reason I know Carmelita is on the left and Diego is on the right is because I made a note of that after I took the picture. Total twins, these two.

If you look closely, you’ll see that Pablo still has a tiny bit of blue left in his eyes.

Did I mention Diego likes himself a scratcher?

I received this bed – which is a tunnel around a bed – recently, and I barely got it zipped together and on the floor before the kittens took it over. They love that thing! (My only gripe is that I wish there were two openings into the tunnel instead of just the one.)

Flirty Javier.

Diego, Carmelita and Pablo took a snooze in the tunnel.


This Tufted Titmouse thought that venturing inside this cat house to gather straw for a nest was a good idea.

“Do I need more, or is this beakful enough? Decisions, decisions.”

Along came Alice.

“Where did it GO?!”

Apparently it flew into the cat house when Alice showed up, and then rethought that plan.


“I’ll just wait right here for it to come back.”

Alice, as it turns out, is quite the mighty little hunter. We’ve had, on average, a chipmunk a day brought into the house. It’s nearly always Alice or Newt doing the bringing. This is the time of year that chipmunks venture out of their dens, APPARENTLY, because it was this time last year that my parents were visiting, and my Dad cleaned up at least one chipmunk a day every single day they were here. That was LAST year, when the chipmunks were being killed. THIS year, they’re just being caught and brought inside. I think it’s a safe bet that Kara was the one killing and eating (or partially eating) the chipmunks. Alice and Newt are excellent hunters, they’re just obviously not very good executioners.

Fred and I are getting better at catching the chipmunks and taking them outside. Other than the time one FLEW AT MY FACE, that is.

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4-23-20 Thursday — 7 Comments

    • This one did! (It actually launched itself at me, hit my face, and dropped to the ground. So I think they may not be GOOD flyers.)

  1. Poor Alice – bested by a bird-brain.
    And poor cats in general. The humans get upset when you bring them meat already butchered, but when you bring it in on the hoof -er, the paw – they’re still not happy.

  2. Diego still has a more square head shape than Carmelita, but they’re both beautiful.

  3. Hahaha…initially Jack the Tripaw didn’t do well on the hunting and used to borrow not particularly fresh kills from other cats as his love offerings. Now he’s figured out you don’t need 4 paws to hunt…
    With our intensive lockdown for 4 weeks we have a lot of large native kereru (wood pigeons) in the garden and he spends much of the day chittering in hope he csn catch one!