4-21-20 Tuesday

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In honor of Toesday, please admire Isabella’s toehawks.

Yes, obviously, when there are a thousand soft and comfy places to snooze, why not cram yourselves on the track toy for a nap? (Pablo’s giving me attitude.)

They love to cram themselves into the top of the cat tree. I don’t know how it is that no one falls out (of course, maybe they fall out all the time and I’m just not around to see it.)

They’re actually all 5 present – if you look behind Pablo, you’ll see the very tips of Carmelita’s ears.

Pablo at the beginning of a yawn…

Pablo mid-yawn, while Alejandro goes for a hug.

And Pablo at the tail end of a yawn, and his face is cracking me UP.

5 little kittens, considering their next move.

3 little kittens, considering THEIR next move (Alejandro and Javier ran off.)

Pablo, lookin’ loony.

Diego with attitude.


“Well, hellO, innernets. How YOU doin’?” (Newt)


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4-21-20 Tuesday — 4 Comments

  1. Oh,these are the most precious,floofiest,sweetest ever….don’t you want to keep them all? How tempting!

  2. Hey, Newtles, you’re cute, too!! Or maybe the word is handsome – what a handsome boy you are!