4-23-21 Friday

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Is Charlie still growing? In the recent video of Charlie and Canasta, he seemed much larger than he was in his visits to the foster room before the kittens were born.

Charlie is definitely still growing. At the end of October he weighed 7 pounds. Yesterday, he was just over 12 pounds. He’s not yet a year old – his birthday is on June 2nd – and I wouldn’t be surprised if he turns out to be our biggest cat. (I know y’all are going to ask who our biggest cat is – it’s Khal. He weighed 13 pounds yesterday. Archie and Newt are 12 pounds, Jake, Alice and Dewey are right around 11 pounds.)


Is that Afghan double-sided? That is fabulous.

It is!


The blanket is beautiful, if he could share where he got the pattern I might want to try one!

Fred said that the pattern was from a book (Interlocking Crochet: 80 Original Stitch Patterns Plus Techniques and Projects). There’s not a blanket pattern, but there’s a style pattern for making the boxes / stars.


Perhaps someone else has asked this already and I missed it, but have you noticed any of the kittens pairing up so that you’d like to see them adopted together?

No, I don’t see any bonded pairs – they pretty much enjoy playing/snuggling with whoever’s closest.


These kittens LOVE to climb into my lap and fight with each other.

Fizzbin’s pretty, pretty eyes.

Uno’s whiskers in the sun.

Fizzbin likes to bite on the zipper pull to my sweatshirt. Apparently it’s quite tasty.

Pinochle wonders if the milk bar will be opening soon. If it is, he’s gonna be first in line!

I don’t think staring into the sun is really the right way to go, Uno.

Rummy’s all “No, Fizzbin and I weren’t making fun of you. We’d never!”

Pinochle (far right) is very “Dude. Wait, what?”

Rummy in the sun, having a think.

“Hallo, lady.”


Archie’s coming over to see just what I think I’m doing.


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