4-16-21 Friday

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Hi! Would Andrea be willing to make one of those beds for me. And if she can how much would be.

She sure would! You can email her at anniclan (at) aol.com to discuss details (and I can tell you – those beds hold up really well. In addition to the one in the kitten room, I have two of them that the permanent residents use, they’re about 6 years old, I know they’ve been through the washer several times, and they’re still going strong!

Charlie approves.


How many of these kittens have taillights? And in your experience with other kittens, do those stay into adulthood? They’re so cute – I’ve never had a cat with a white tip on its tail like that!

Three kittens – Pinochle, Rummy and Uno – have tail lights. I think it’s interesting that the two tuxie girls have tail lights, and the one tabby boy does. In my experience, the tail lights stay into adulthood.

Also, in case you hadn’t noticed, Canasta has a small tail light too. Here’s a shot of Canasta and Uno side by side.


Having been through a screamin “in Heat” kitten, you are lucky for a reprieve. My vet wouldn’t spay until she wasn’t in heat (20 yers ago).. Poor you !

I am SO GLAD that we could get her in for her surgery so soon! She woke me up through the night, repeatedly, the night before she went in, and I don’t know that I could have listened to her for another night!

(This reminds me of the last time we had a mama in heat. I can’t remember who it was – maybe Isabella? – but someone on Instagram told me very insistently that (1) vets DO NOT spay cats in heat, and (2) you have to wait until 3 weeks (I think) after a heat cycle before you can have a cat spayed. Of course… an unspayed cat will go into heat every 2-3 weeks, so I’m curious how she thought that would work.)


That is one epic litter box!

That litter box started life as an under-the-bed sweater storage box… and then we had 15 foster kittens at once, and I needed something much bigger than what we had, so voila! It works well (it wouldn’t work if you had a high pee-er, but that’s not usually an issue with kittens.)


When will Canasta and the Cardsharks be available for adoption?

Forgotten Felines will start taking applications when they’re 10 weeks old – so another 3 weeks.


Is she the first mama you’ve had who actually sprawls on her back to nurse?? It always makes me chuckle.

She certainly is! It cracks me up too.


Canasta came through her surgery just fine yesterday, and I had her back here by 9 am. I half expected some floofing from the kittens reacting to the smell of the vet, but they had no reaction at all – “Hi, Mama” and running off to play.

Canasta was pretty chill too (though she sang all the way home from the vet.)

“I guess it’s time for a bigger plate,” I realized when I saw them crowded around.

Pinochle’s all “Was Mama gone?”

Silly boy.

Sleepy Slapjack.

Whist has such a smug little face.

It’s a Canasta-and-Rummy pie! My favorite.

Slapjack, still sleepy.

Fizzbin, smiling in her sleep.

Rummy shows off her tail light.


Dewey from a few months ago, in the kitten room during the brief time between Moira Rose (now Roxy) leaving and Canasta arriving. He was too busy watching Fred to notice that I was taking his picture.


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