4-16-19 Tuesday

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Albert chortles at his own joke.

Willie has a think.

Mary, also having a think. This is a very thinky bunch of kittens.

Laura’s kind of a little flirt.

“Why so tense, Pa? Why?”

Albert wonders “Why so weird, lady?”

That’s a sleepy bunch of muffinheads, right there. (Left to right: Willie, Albert, Almanzo, Mary.)

Almanzo (left) and Albert.

Oh, that Charles.

The kittens and Caroline (Charles was off elsewhere, taking advantage of the opportunity to deny me of a family portrait). Left to right: Mary, Laura, Almanzo, Willie, Caroline and Albert.


Of all the cats and kittens in this house, this one right here is the one who wants nothin’, nada, zero, zilch to do with my parents. I don’t think she even comes into the house until my parents are in bed.


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4-16-19 Tuesday — 7 Comments

  1. Perhaps they are thinking about whether they are da baybee!

    Pa seems to be channeling Stefan.

    • Well, Robyn does keep asking them over and over and over again. Poor things…no mental rest for the weary.

  2. I looove Charles and Caroline. It is too bad that he wasn’t in the family portrait.

    Love me some Sheriff Mama, too.

  3. Okay.. it’s early, need more coffee, but – and I apologize in advance – this is how my brain is working this morning… Association = Little House = Country = Pa on Fiddle = Banjos = in the pic of Albert chortling to his own joke, maybe he just finished the “Country” line of “I’m a pickin’!” and the one (I cannot identify) over to the right is responding “and I’m a grinnin’!” 🙂 Good thing I apologized in advance… **scheduling therapy appointment just as soon as the office is open** Happy “At least it’s not Monday” Tuesday, y’all!!!!

  4. The Sheriff is waaaay too busy sheriffing to goof off with the visiting humans! LOL Sending Ma & Pa good vibes for finding their perfect furrever home.

  5. Maybe Kara needs to do a background check on your parents.

    I’m pretty sure if Charles keeps up with that look he’ll pretty much get anything he wants.