4-16-17 Weekly Roundup Sunday

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Weekly Instagram/Facebook/Tumblr Roundup.

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Ears be wigglin’! (Beignet)

Snuggly sisters (Roux and Praline).

We got eyeballs! #Eyezaplinkin

It’s a big world out there, kid.

Watch out, the little explorer has eyeballs and she’s gonna use ’em! (Beignet)

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Hissy little muffin.

Praline’s got eyeballs!

Praline sure does love her mama.

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Poor Andouille was laying on his back and BeignetTheKitten came over, flopped down across him and fell instantly asleep. He started flailing to get out from under her and all I could do was laugh. (She finally woke up and rolled off him.)

Good night, innernets.

Oh, that spotted belly. (Praline)

We got eyeballs! Roux decided it was time to see what her siblings were making such a fuss about.

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Ladies and gentlemens, it is time for the evening flailies. Please proceed to your nearest soft surface, roll onto your back, and flail your tiny legs around in a random pattern until you fall asleep.

Good night, innernets. (Beignet)

Have you ever seen a lazier bunch of slackers?


“Pardon us, lady, we is trying to have a bromance. D’you MIND?” (Frankie and Dewey.)

Good night, innernets. (Roux)

“What?” Yes, that is correct. #Nola decided she’d had enough of that crate. I glanced in last night at 11 to find that she’d moved them to this spot (the same bare wood location where she birthed ’em, like bringing the kids back to their mother land). I moved them back to the crate and went to bed. This was what I found when I went in this morning. Oh Nola, whyyy? #EffYouThatsWhy #BecauseISaidSo

Okay, this is the newest setup. If she moves them back onto the bare floor (there’s plenty of that on the other side of the crate) I’m officially giving up. I just hate seeing the babies try to move around on bare floor! #LocationWars

When I walked in Nola was chilling in the middle of the room and #PralineTheKitten was sleeping over by the closet door. The other three kittens were sound asleep in the crate. As soon as she heard me, Praline woke up and started screaming “I am a wee baby kitteh and I am lost!” Nola moseyed into the crate and said “Oh dear oh dear, is there a baby outside the crate? I can’t imagine how that happened!” So I’m guessing by tomorrow morning they’ll all be hanging out by the closet door. #FINE #YouWinNola #LocationWars

Good night, innernets.

PS: At bed time, everyone was still in the crate. Go figure.


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4-16-17 Weekly Roundup Sunday — 3 Comments

  1. Knowing that Nola decided to move the family again, this time to the bare floor, would make me mental too. Man, they are such a cute little bunch of muffins, how can you not be popping them in your mouth like little marshmallow Easter bunnies?!?!!

    So glad to read that Frankie’s mouth is treating him better these days!

  2. Happy Easter Robyn and Fred and all the kitties! Hope no one tries to bring the Easter Bunny in the house…

  3. I think Praline at least might wind up being long haired. I feel like in kitten belleh pics, it usually looks more like skin, and she’s already pretty floofy under there.