4-17-17 Monday

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Because I am off on vacation this week – YES AGAIN – I am depending on Fred to send me pictures of the kittens to post. I am HOPING that it works out, but in any case I’ve decided to finally share the rest of my pictures from my trip to New Orleans, so even if the kitten pics don’t work out, you’ll have something to look at.

Nola yawning in the background is killing me dead.

Isn’t this a gorgeous picture of Roux? LOVE. IT.

So much attitude. He gets that from his mama.

Beignet lubs her mama.

“Hiii Mama!”

Always with the kicks to the face.

If y’all want to see the larger versions of these pictures, you’re going to have to haul your cookies over to Flickr because if I have to spend one more minute typing on this [many many many many bad words deleted] iPad, I will feed it to the alligators. BE MORE DIFFICULT, IPAD, IF YOU PLEASE. Edited to add: You can click on any of the pictures to see the full-sized versions.

(Thank you to Fred for taking those lovely pictures.)


New Orleans: Villalobos.

Before we planned this trip, I had honestly never heard of Villalobos Rescue Center, and had only heard of the reality show Pitbulls and Parolees in passing when my sister mentioned it a few times. When we knew we would be in New Orleans, she asked if I wanted to tour the rescue. I was up for it, so that was our main plan for the day after we got there.

Getting there turned out to be a huge issue. Villalobos is located in an area that apparently gives Google Maps fits, and after we drove around in circles for about ten minutes, we turned to whatever GPS system Siri uses, and we finally made it there. Tours start at noon, and that’s what time we got there. We paid and took pictures while we waited for the tour to start.

Edited to add (and thank you to Laura for reminding me) – if you want to tour Villalobos, it costs $50 per person CASH ONLY; kids are free. Volunteers to walk the dogs at 2:30 and 7:30 are always needed. Be sure to double-check their Facebook page to make sure this info has not changed.

Outside of the building, obviously.

People were coming out to walk dogs almost constantly.

Then the tour began. There were about 30 (possibly more) people in our tour. It was led by Earl, who is apparently on the show. My sister was very excited, so I was excited too.

Now, my friends, this is where a more committed blogger would present you with some salient and interesting facts that she learned on the tour. However, since I was at the very back of the tour (which was by choice – there were a lot of fans of the show, and I figured they should get the full informative tour. I thought it would be better to hang back and just take pictures), I didn’t hear a thing Earl had to say. But, confession – even though I was at the very back of the pack and couldn’t hear a word Earl had to say, I would occasionally stand and gaze at him and nod thoughtfully. Because that’s just how I roll.

These outside kennels were very cool – they were a good size, all the dogs had comfy beds and toys to play with, and the ground was pea gravel (I think). Debbie told me that they rake and clean the kennels every day.

Earl in a pensive moment.

I think that fans of the show know who this pup is, but I have no idea. Alls I know is that we clustered around, that child nearly put her hand in the dog’s mouth, and the dog looked at her like “You not as tasty as you think you are, kid.”

Pigeons match the decor. Nice touch!

Even though I’ve never seen the show and couldn’t really hear anything Earl said, I thought the tour was very neat. It was, of course, especially fun to watch the fans of the show geek out. Their web site claims that the tours are about 20 minutes long, but I’m pretty sure ours was closer to 45 minutes, if not longer. Definitely worth the price!

Sunday afternoon, we had dinner at Tahyo Tavern which is in the French Quarter and is run by – and benefits – Villalobos. It was a good meal, and the tavern was very neat. I wish I’d gotten pictures of the inside.


Maxi isn’t sure why on earth you’d want to spend your time looking at DOGS. Ick.


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4-17-17 Monday — 14 Comments

  1. Look at those sweet babies! I don’t watch the show, but I love dogs, and I think pit bulls are an underappreciated breed that get a bum rap. They used to be known as the “nanny dogs”, because they were so good and patient with kids.

    Oh that little Andy-pants is a heart-breaker!

    Have a wonderful vacation, Robyn!!

  2. Be warned, if you want to tour Villalobos — it costs $50 per person! (Kids are free.) We drove out there last week when we were in town — and yes, it’s fun to find — and talked to a young man out raking who hasn’t been on the show yet but will be next season, and he confirmed the price, but said they always need volunteers to walk the dogs at 2:30 and 7:00 p.m., which is free. Just to complete your info, Robyn.

      • You’re quite welcome, Robyn. We’ve been fans of Villalobos for years, but even so that price was just too steep for us. So my husband bought a hat and a t-shirt at their store in the French Quarter instead. 🙂 They’ve done amazing work to improve the public opinion of pit bulls over the years, so it’s always good to mention them.

        Also, the young man (Wade? I think, I’ve forgotten his name) we spoke to said they have 160 dogs at their New Orleans facility, but they have facilities in some outlying parishes which bring their total of dogs under care to 700! Which goes a long way to explain their $50 tour fee!

        • You can’t blame them for asking $50 each. It is a lot to feed and vet that many dogs. Plus they do home checks, in person, no matter where in the US it is.

  3. Where are you this time?? Back in New Orleans looking for new names for kittens? I assure you, Nola is done giving them to you.. but maybe the next momma will want a Cajun name too! lol!

    SO lucky to see Villalobos! I so would go, and I don’t even like dogs! But I love the show and Earl of course! I’d love to do some dog walking, that would be awesome too, if I weren’t afraid of a dog dragging me down the road by the leash…

  4. Last show I saw, Earl had a herniated disk in his neck which was causing him lots of pain. They also hoped that after surgery, he may get some feeling back in his right arm, which is useless at this time. Say prayers.

    I do think, they should equip the tour leader with a microphone so everyone can hear…should get your $50 worth!

  5. see, this is where I – as not a fan of the show or dogs – would balk at a $50 fee to tour a shelter. I mean kudos to them for being able to get it, because the more they get, the better they can do, but still .. goodness..

    Okay, kvetching aside, I’m glad you enjoyed the tour (and kudos to Fred for getting you photos)