4-18-17 Tuesday

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Just a reminder that I am on vacation this week, and Fred is supposed to be taking and sending me a few pictures to post each day. Since I only have my iPad with me, this might work or it might be what the kids call “a sh*tshow.” (Do the kids actually say that, or is it the old people who think the kids say it? Children please chime in.) Fingers crossed that it works!

The rest of the post (and the posts this week) are pictures I took in New Orleans last month, posts that I wrote last week and scheduled for this week, because I lurve you.

Praline and her mama.

Is a rough life for a wee baby Andouille.

One little, two little, three little… huh. Where’s the fourth kitten?!

Oh, of course. The little explorerer (Beignet) is busy exploring!

He is such a SMUG little muffin.

If you want to see any of those shots in the full-size version, go check them out over at Flickr. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’m adding the kitten pics via my iPad, and I don’t know how people get any-dang-thing accomplished without a mouse. I feel like I’m doing this with both hands tied behind my back. WOE. Edited to add: Click on any of the pictures to see the full-sized versions over at Flickr.


Cats of New Orleans.

We stayed at the Super 8 hotel on Chef Menteur Highway in New Orleans, and while on one side of our hotel was a big abandoned building (as seen in this post), on the other side was a small RV park with a Food Mart in the front.

This was the view from our hotel’s parking lot.

And the view of the RV park from the street.

Living in the RV park, cared for by the couple who own the store and RV park are…

Cats. Lots of them!

As far as we could tell, all of the cats were spayed and neutered (most of them are ear-tipped).

The guy we spoke to said that the tortie isn’t a kitten, she just hasn’t grown like she should.

Most of the cats kept their distance – which, to be honest, I think is a good thing. All we would have done is pet and love on them, but not everyone loves cats the way we do.

Except for Greg. Greg only wanted to be loved. He climbed into my lap with hardly any coaxing at all.

He was a love. And check out those long, long toes!

Beautiful kitties.

Did I mention Greg?

Gorgeous tuxie.

Hello, beautiful.

Oh look, it’s Greg!

The tortie kitten/not a kitten is polydactyl.

Gorgeous, long-haired sisters. (The guy told us their names, but I don’t remember.)

You better believe I remember Greg’s name, though.

So suspicious – but they’d come closer when we spoke to them.

Oh, Greg.


Goodbye, Greg. I love you Greg. Be good, Greg.


“What UP, people of the innernets?” I don’t know what’s up with Sheriff Mama (Kara), but she looks downright chipper, doesn’t she?

PS: It was NINE years ago that I posted Kara’s birth story! For newer readers, Kara was the very first mama kitty who gave birth here – and not only that, she’s the only one who didn’t make us wait for weeks before she gave birth. She’s always been an overachiever.


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4-18-17 Tuesday — 21 Comments

  1. Next time I go to New Orleans I want to stay there!!! I assume a lot of the kitties help keep the abandoned building free of pests!?!

  2. 1) Those kittens are already CHUNKERS!!! WOW, getting so big so fast!
    2) Greg – you should have packed him home with you!!!
    3) Sheriff Mama looks like she was in the early pre-stages of a sneeze!

    Have a wonderful vacation!

    • Those kittens are already CHUNKERS!!!

      They ARE — and I’m not sure that some of that isn’t floof! I am partial to the floofy cats.

      As for the ferals … betcha you’d have them all coming to you if you’d been there another week.

  3. 🙂 that floofy friend of Greg’s should be named Cindy or Jan or Marsha. Haha that would be funny, a series of pictures labeled Marsha, then Marsha, then Marsha. LOL-I crack myself up (maybe not anyone else but myself for sure)!

  4. Greg, huh? You sure that was his name? Maybe it was Peter or Bobby. (Ooo, I just read Holly’s comment above! Hee hee…) Beautiful kitties, I’m so glad to read that they’re being taken care of.

    Man, what are those kittens? 2 weeks? They’re already frickin’ huge little buns!!

  5. NINE years? Wow! I remember Kara’s story. You are still awesome Robyn. Even more so!

    Oh and Greg. Sweet nose. And the petite polydactyl tortie ❤️ Love her.

  6. I love Greg, too, just from these pictures!

    How on earth did those kittens get so big so fast? Weren’t they just born, what…5 minutes ago? Sheesh.

    Have fun on vacation!

    • Maybe he teased her about NOT getting her spayed and that she would be having anther litter in 6 months! (That would explain the wide-eyed look of horror.)