4-15-19 Monday

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Back in 2015, we had what I think of as the Summer of Bottle Babies. We had the Squash Bugs, got the Swimmers a few days later, and then juuust as we’d gotten those two litters weaned and put together in the foster room, we got a surprise duo in the form of two kittens we named Badger (brown tabby) and Skinny Pete (house panther.) A week later their brother (Combo, another house panther) joined them.

I tell you all this so that I can share a couple of my favorite pictures of Skinny Pete and then a few pictures of her now!

(Oh, I should probably mention that Skinny Pete, Badger and Combo were named after Breaking Bad characters – their litter name was The BeeBees – and Skinny Pete was originally thought to be a boy, but in one of the many mis-sexing incidents that is integral to the Love & Hisses brand, she turned out to be a girl. We left her name the same, obviously.)


From left to right: Skinny Pete, Badger, Combo.

That was the time I learned about filling socks with rice and heating them in the microwave. Skinny Pete, in particular, loved her sock.

I was going on vacation and then having shoulder surgery, so when they were 5 weeks old they went to Kathie until they were ready for Petsmart. They went to Petsmart in January. Skinny Pete was adopted not long after and renamed Minnie.

Unfortunately, she was returned later that year, in August 2016, but fortunately she was adopted again pretty quickly. Her name is now Skinny and she is GORGEOUS.

Jonathan says: I just came across a birthday video challenger’s house made for Skinny Pete (I renamed her Skinny since she’s too cute to be named after a drug dealer :D) who I adopted two years ago. I just want to let you know that she’s a big girl now, pretty, loving and happy. She has totally made me a crazy cat person. Here are some of her recent photos. Again, thanks for providing a wonderful foster home for Skinny and all other kitties!

Don’t you just love a happy ending? (Thank you, Jonathan!)


Almanzo has a think.

“Hi innernets! Hi hi!” (Willie)

Albert’s all “Oh dear, oh dear, I forgot to file my taxes!”

Almanzo giggles “I filed mine already, ha ha ha!”

“HI, Pa!” (Almanzo)


Laura gets a baff.

Laura and Albert. He looks like he’s trying to calculate his taxes in his head.

That’s Mary in the back, Willie showing his belly, and Albert nursing. Please admire the heart-shaped tabby spot on Willie’s lower abdomen.

Smilin’ Mary.

Pretty Mary.


Newt in his pepperoni pizza bed.


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4-15-19 Monday — 6 Comments

  1. Boy has Skinny become a gorgeous house panther! I do so love house panthers. It sounds as if you have a happy life, sweet baby.

    Albert, silly, you’re a cat. You don’t owe taxes.

  2. Not so skinny now, is she? But oh so pretty! Thank you Jonathan!

    Newtkes has the Monday grumps.

  3. Yay, great foster update!! (Have always loved that picture of her as a tiny thing with her warm rice sock…)

    Hahaha – the tax captions!

  4. Skinny is beautiful! So nice to hear from them!

    I love in that photo where Almanzo is saying HIIIIII to Pa, Charles is givin’ him the ol’ side-eye like “Oh lawd, THIS chile” hahahahaaaa!

    Newt’s pizza bed is adorable! As is the look on his smoochable face!

  5. “in one of the many mis-sexing incidents that is integral to the Love & Hisses brand”

    Well that made me LOL this Monday morning!!!

    As always, thanks for the cuteness and funnies to start my day.

  6. Oh those Bee Bees! How incredibly adorable they were…and still are, just by looking at sweet Skinny’s pictures!

    I wonder if the Half Pints will have to pay a penalty for filing their taxes late… Like say, for every day late they have to give extra cuddles and kisses. I’d collect on that.

    (Lol, Newties has a pepperoni pizza bed…)