4-16-20 Thursday

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Back in late 2018, we were fostering Ryder and her kittens, and the day that I took her kittens to be neutered, someone had dropped off this little nugget. Michelle and Kathie convinced me that LoJack (not one of Ryder’s kittens, but combined into her litter since he was an orphan) needed a friend. So I took this guy and named him Tank.

Also, this series of pictures with Tank and Solenoid cracks me UP.

So Tank was adopted and he’s now RonRon, and this is what he looks like now.

RonRon aka Tank, ran outta gas.

Too cute! (Thanks, Paul!)


Although his eyes look blue in this picture, if you click on it to see the larger version, you’ll see that there’s just a line of blue around the outside of the iris. That’ll eventually go away too, and I expect him to end up with green eyes, maybe a pretty seafoam green.

Carmelita’s all “Wut.”

“I sees you, lady.”

Alejandro and those lovely white teef.

Carmelita has found it best to keep an eye on me.

Javier on Mama’s scratcher.

I swear I’ve never noticed that lighter stripe on her forehead before now. That’s interesting!

Javier remembers that it’s Thlurrrpsday.

They still absolutely love that scratcher, they’re always playing in or on it. (Javier on top, Diego inside.)

Alejandro showing off his curly belly furs.

Isabella can’t believe how darn gorgeous she is.

Diego sat there for the longest time, and I waited and waited for him to leap up, but he never did.


Archie and the poofy pink bed and the ol’ razzle dazzle.


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  1. Alejandro and his lovely white teeth, or: “Why Isabella Closed the Milk Bar.”

  2. I, too, love Alejandro’s curly belly furs but then again, I love absolutely everything about Alejandro!