11-9-18 Friday

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HERE IS YOUR REMINDER – the Forgotten Felines of Alabama online auction is going live TOMORROW at 9 AM Central Time! Listen, folks, I have SEEN the stuff that’s up on this auction, and there is some seriously cool stuff. You don’t want to miss out – go over to Facebook, like and follow the page, and get your bid on.

I don’t EVEN want to hear you be all “Wahhh, Robyn, I didn’t know you were going to auction JAKE* off, if I’d known someone in North Dakota was going to get him for $1.99, I would totally have checked out the auction!” I am telling you RIGHT NOW, you don’t want to miss out! Get over there NOW!

*I’m not really auctioning Jake off.**

**OR AM I?! Only one way to find out!


Attention those of you who live in the Raleigh, North Carolina area: There are two 5 month old kittens (both boys) named Smoke and Ash (a gray tuxie and black with white locket) who were rescued after Hurricane Michael blew through, and they need a home! Get on over to Facebook, take a look at those beautiful faces, and if you’re interested, contact this guy right here.


Is this the biggest bunch of kittens you’ve had at one time?


What is the most cats/kittens you had at at one time in your animal farm?


Is this the MOST kittens you’ve ever had at one time. I don’t quite remember but I think there was a pretty big group last year too.

I think this is the most kittens we’ve ever had in one room, but I can’t swear to it. I did a quick glance back through previous fosters, and there was the time in 2015 when we had the Squash Bugs (4), added the Swimmers (4) and then got the BeeBees (3), BUT the BeeBees went to Kathie to foster before they were old enough to join the other 8, so that doesn’t really count.

Of course, earlier this year we had Kristi and Katia and their 10 kittens in the foster room, so that’s more bodies in there than we have in there now… AND we couldn’t leave the door open and let them all run around the upstairs because I was so worried that Katia would get out of the upstairs and we’d never get her contained again.

(If you’re wondering about permanent residents, the highest number of those we ever had was 14. I loved every one of those 14, but I never want to have that many permanent residents again! That was back in 2011, when we adopted Corbie – read about it here.)


I was just this morning thinking about a new litter of names after this one leaves. I was being silly and thinking of rhyming things with the names of the reindeer i.e. Thrasher, Slasher, Dancer, Nixon, Vomit, Stupid, Wonder, and Citizen ROFL! Obviously you would NEVER use those but I was cracking myself up!

Those names CRACK. ME. UP. I mean, Michelle would never approve them, but how much would I love to introduce y’all to my fosters Thrasher, Slasher and Vomit?


It occurs to me that if you re-arrange your little rounds mirrors the right way, they’ll make a kitty paw print 🙂

I know, I think about that a lot! I mean, you see I’ve done nothing about it, but I will one of these days!

(Also, doesn’t it kind of look, in that picture, as though Tank’s right side is 100% orange tabby? That’s actually Axle (I think), who was standing in front of me, but it looks at first glance like it’s Tank’s side reflecting in that mirror.)


Do you have a favorite non clumping litter? What do the wee kittens use? My furry critter walks out of his commode with litter clump shoes… like cement bricks.

I only use non clumping litter with kittens who are starting to learn to use the litter box. Once they stop eating litter, I switch over to clumping litter. I buy the plain clay litter for them at Dollar General because it’s so cheap. However, I am SURE there are readers who use non clumping litter and can chime in on the topic. Anyone got advice here? Please leave a comment!


Sheriff Mama for President! Or any elected office beyond your home. Did the other kitties elect her to keep law and order, or was she voluntold?

She kind of elected herself… but none of the others were interested in the position, so there have been no objections!


Dynamo – is she a tiny bit cross-eyed?

Dynamo and Solenoid are both a little… I wouldn’t call them cross-eyed, exactly, just their eyes aren’t totally centered. They’re askew. A little wonky. It adds to their charm!


What kind of hairball medicine do you use ? How often does the permanent cats get brushed. My baby tolerates brushing for a few minutes then off she runs. Need help before she explodes with a giant hairball.

We’re pretty lucky in that we don’t have a big issue with hairballs. I’ve used Laxatone in the past, which as I understand basically pushes the hairball through. The cats probably don’t get brushed as often as they should – Fred used to brush them (especially Khal) in the evening while we were watching TV, but since he’s taken up crocheting, he hasn’t done much of that lately… but we’ve seen no increase in hair ball production, so maybe we’re just lucky?

Y’all, if anyone has hairball suggestions, please leave a comment!


I took these first several pictures before Tank joined us – I was trying to get a picture of all 10 kittens. Now I’ve got another goal to aim for!

All 10! Left to right: Fender, Dynamo, Gauge, Solenoid, LoJack, Cam, Axle, Cruise, Pulley and Clutch.

All 10 again! I love the way LoJack is trying to look over Gauge’s back.

LoJack got tired of posing and retreated to the other side of the bed, and Fender headed off-bed. I swear I’ve never noticed this, but Cam AND Cruise appear to have the exact same diamond on their bellies (EXCUSE ME, WHAT?! I HAVE TWO RARE DIAMOND-BELLIED TUXIES?! HOW DID I NOT NOTICE THIS?!) and basically all their markings are about the same except that Cam has the white blotch next to her nose. (I am thankful for that blotch.)

Sweet little posers.

“We is tired of this, lady.” Cruise looks like a little bulldog, the way she’s standing there.

Fred was off to the side in this picture, waving the teaser around.


Pulley was playing with her spring when some rude boy came along and grabbed her. First he licked her head.

Then he bit her head.

Then a little more licking, and Pulley said “Okay, I can continue playing with my spring, with this going on. This isn’t so bad. This is fine. It’s FINE.”






“Well,” said Tank. “That’s RUDE.”

Above pictures aside, Tank seems to have pretty much been accepted into the clowder. Yesterday at nap time, he was right there among the bunch. Solenoid gave up her hissing at him, and was actually seen licking his ears and snuggling up for a snooze. So things are going well!


Archie in the sun. He’s got a short fuse, but he sure is PURTY.


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11-9-18 Friday — 16 Comments

  1. Totally snorted out loud at Pulley’s Breaking Point picture!!! Those bed railing photos are awesome!!!

  2. Lol LoJack and Cam peaking their little heads over the bed frame…

    Tank’s like the new kid at school who starts off by bragging how his older brother taught him Brazilian cage fighting so he could look cool in front of the other kids. Then a girl hands him his behind on a platter…

    Love Archie so so much!

  3. I agree. Pulley’s breaking point picture is a crack up. I also really like the all 10 picture. Can that go in the favorites?

    • I was going to ask too…wait, Fred crocheting? Either you dropped it in there to see if we’re “really reading” or he’s trying to relax more? yes, please!
      So loving watching these fosters!

    • Oh he’s got the bug bad. He posts his results on squares and such on his FB account. He’s actually quite good – not good for a beginner, just good.

      But if he brushed Khal, he could get enough hair to spin and then crochet a Khal-afghan

  4. OMG – alternative reindeer names….that is hilarious (and as much as I use weird kitten names – the current group being named after world beers, even I might get in trouble for those….)

    • I think naming kittens for beer is awesome. They’re two great things, even if kittens and beer should never meet.

  5. My kitties would never eat Laxatone until I discovered Catnip Flavored Laxatone. Now they will actually lick it off the tube. Haven’t really had to give Andre or Bella much, as they both really like being brushed. The second kitty Bill and I had together, Tuffy, LOVED to be brushed. All you had to do is hold up the brush and she would come running. She liked to be brushed enough, that she would sometimes even let other people brush her. Sometimes you have to try a couple different brushes before you find the one they like. I have one the retracts to release the hair. It has stiff plastic teeth. Mine kitties have never liked a wire brush.

  6. “Get your stinky paws off of me” cracked me up!! I also agree that all ten kitties lined up on the bed is adorable and should be framed.