11-9-15 Monday

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I had shoulder surgery on November 4th, and have pre-written and scheduled posts for the next three weeks while I recover.


On Saturday:

This leaves three little Swimmers waiting to be adopted. Hopefully it happens soon!

Also, an update on Ambercup:

Ambercup is now one of my family members. She is having a ball chasing her 3-month-older “brother” Truman (adopted from Decatur Services) all over the house. They are inseparable, playing and wrestling. She is hard-headed, though! I am trying to teach her that the kitchen counter is off limits, without too much success yet!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love her, she is a sweetie! Just thought I would let you know.

Thank you so much for the update, Debra!


Did you think you were going to get away with not seeing my Myrtle Beach pictures this year? NOT SO FAST, my friends! I’m including half of them in today’s post, and the other half (the sunrise pictures!) in next Monday’s post. This year, I didn’t take quite as many as in previous years.


Naturally I saw a cat the first morning I was there, a pretty tuxie. I took a single step toward him, and he vamoosed. I didn’t see him a second time.

Yellow hibiscus. SO pretty.

Gulls over the water.

Carp. Ugh – these things give me nightmares!

Walking on the beach at sunset.

Anyone wanna go sailing?

Sunrise (I’m saving the best sunrise pictures for next week; I didn’t say you wouldn’t see ANY sunrise pics in this post, did I?)

Cool clouds.

At one of the shopping centers – I think it was Barefoot Landing – there were a lot of these birds. I was surprised to learn that they’re Grackles; the only Grackles we see here are the black iridescent ones.


Joseph Robert, come over here and give me a kiss!

Joe Bob has taken on Jake’s dislike of the camera, which makes it hard to get pictures of him. I’m going to have to set up like a stalker, with the long lens, to capture him in the future, I guess!


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11-9-15 Monday — 14 Comments

  1. Debra, thank you so much for the update on sweet Ambercup. Sounds like she is living large. I taught mine to stay off the counters by setting them down on the floor as soon as they jump up on the counter and saying “DOWN” firmly. Yes, they would jump right back up but the process would repeat. After a bit, I added in a snap of the fingers and a point to the floor as I said down then picked them up, put them down and said “Down” again. Now, they (4) stay off the counters except the nosiest one (curiosity killed the cat, you know). I can now just snap and point whilst saying “Down” from across the room and it works. There is always a climber in the bunch. I believe that cats are either ground cats or air cats (don’t laugh). You will notice that your kitty prefers to either hunt critters on the ground (aka lizards, crickets, spiders or other such critters that get into the house or airborne critters such as flies, moths etc.). Air kitties tend to be the ones that want to get on the counters, fridge etc. That has been my experience. It will be interesting to see what others say when they chime in.

    Robyn, love the pictures. Looks like a nice vacation spot! Hope your shoulder isn’t giving you fits and you are healing well. {{hugs}}

    • Or a spray bottle. I find that terribly effective.

      Also helpful if something ‘smokes’up the kitchen. Turn on the fan, spray the general area and it keeps the smoke detectors from setting off.

      I think that we need to see a picture of her with Truman though. Chasing each other or possibly snuggling to keep warm. Just saying….

      • I never cared for spray bottles as I don’t like the idea of using “fear” of sorts to teach. {{sorry}}

  2. Debra, A friend of mine put aluminum foil on her counters, worked like a charm. reusable and recyclable. Good luck!

  3. That is one good-looking grackle — and an even better-looking Joe Bob. I’m sorry, though, to hear that the young man has turned camera shy. Say it ain’t so, Jobey Joe!

    Many thanks for the Ambercup update, Debra. She’s clearly the ideal addition to your family. And in response to the overachievers above, my cats would like to point out that they OWN my counters.

  4. Great pics as usual Robyn! I hope your shoulder is healing nicely.
    Thanks for the update on Ambercup, Debra.
    GD, my cat must be an air cat because she is always “up”. She will lay on the floor but prefers to be on the couch, table, bed, chair, counter or otherwise.

    • I have a combination of ground and air cats in my house. Since the counters are off limits, I had to let one know that it means that the top of the fridge and the top cabinets were off limits, too. I busted my smartest/biggest troublemaker/mama’s boy up there and I saw his younger sister watching him. He was teaching her b-a-d things (I told her not to look) as the next day…she was up there. That abruptly came to a halt. It does take consistency and patience to train them (and like all children, who KNOWS what they do when you aren’t at home), but the results have been very good in my household. I do have two kitties that NEVER try to get on the counters (and upwards). They are happy with their comfy couches!!! My two little angles.