11-10-15 Tuesday

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I found these pictures in a random file the other day. Y’all remember Buster?

(Long story short: Buster’s real name was Bolitar, and he was one of the Bookworms, littermate to Corbie. Buster was adopted, and then returned several months later because the woman who’d adopted him was pregnant. I intended to keep him as a permanent resident because I loved him SO MUCH and was sorry I’d ever let him go. But Buster was a little bit of a bully (and possibly overwhelmed by the number of cats in this house), prone to pick on Old Man Spanky and Corbie too, and so he went to Petsmart. He was adopted on Christmas Eve to a teenage girl.)

SUCH a beautiful boy!

Fred breaking up a Corbie-Buster fight.

Poor Corbie!

Those weren’t the pictures I thought I was going to get – when I aimed the camera at them, I thought I would get a picture of the bros hanging out. Buster thought otherwise, obviously.


Uh oh. Sheriff Mama caught me on the other side of the fence, and she does NOT look happy!


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11-10-15 Tuesday — 11 Comments

  1. Darling Boli-Buster!! Bad Boli-Buster!! Some cats just want to be a lone cat! Hope you are recovering well, Robyn.

  2. It’s so hard to tell when they’re play-fighting and fighting-fighting. How do y’all tell the difference?

    My new kitty, Finn, and my resident, Teddy, get along and play. Sometimes they seem to be playing kind of rough and I break it up. But no one seems unhappy overall. It’s just hard to read sometimes.

      • Pretty brave of Fred to break up a catfight by grabbing one cat — that’s how serious bloodshed occurs.

        Of course, you can’t aim a garden hose at ’em when they’re indoors (which is how my mom always broke up outdoor catfights!)

  3. I”m imagining Buster living the high life. Lounging on some teenager girls pillows and disliking every body on facebook with the flick of an ear or whisker.

    Oh Robyn, you so torture kitties, don’t you? I’m looking at those 2005 pics and poor Booger, he had it so rough. The indignity in his eyes say it all

  4. Why would you get rid of your cat just because you’re pregnant? I had 7, then got pregnant and took in a pregnant stray at 6 months, and now I have 9 (She only had one kitten survive). I’m not thinking of getting rid of any. Well, except maybe the mama, but only because she’s now in heat and is caterwauling nonstop right this very second. But she’s getting fixed on Friday, so hopefully that puts and end to the noise.

    • Some ignorant people will tell a pregnant woman not to have cats because of the fear of toxoplasmosis. It’s not a risk, but some people think it is.