11-10-09 – The Wonkas & the Cookies.

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Gus is famous! He was on The Daily Kitten yesterday!

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The Wonkas are really and truly enjoying their extra space. They’re very good in the mornings – they hear me get up, but it’s not until it’s light out and they hear me coming up the stairs with their snack that they start howling at the door. I open the door, put down their plates, and scoop litter boxes. They eat, then they come over for a snuggle, and then they start racing around.

It was seriously cute, the first day I opened the door so they could have the run of the bathroom and my bedroom. I opened the door, and then sat on the floor of my room. They came out slowly, slinking along the way cats do when they’re not sure what’s going on, and then it’s like Gus realized he had room to really RUN, and he reared up on his back legs and ran forward five or six steps.

It was like he was popping a wheelie!

(Too bad I didn’t have the camera with me.)

Most days, I go up and give them their snack, visit once or twice during the morning, then go up after lunch to lay down on the bed with them and perhaps (usually!) take a short nap. They love to pile on and around me (Mike always claims the spot closest to my face so he can demand kisses), and we all snooze together.

There’s just nothing that makes a nap better than having a pile of purring kittens around you. I highly recommend it!

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The Cookie weaning is continuing. Most of the Cookies are doing well – they understand that the plate of food IS their food, and they generally don’t demand bottles. I’ve seen most of them lapping water out of the water bowl, which makes me happy.

Milano/ Pink is proving to be a tough nut to crack, though. She’d really rather have her bottle, thank you. I’ll let HER tell you about that.

“Oh, really. REALLY. You’re under the impression that a couple of plates of canned cat food and a bowl of formula makes a meal, no bottle is required? Boy, I have news for YOU. I am uninterested in the canned cat food, and I know you’ve seen me eat crunchy food in the past, but now? Nah. Not interested. Pardon me while I put myself to bed on the heating pad. I’m going to curl up in a miserable ball of misery, and when you come back in a little while to check on us and hang out and give out pettings, I’m going to just stay here. Sad. Miserable. Starving to death. I’ll ignore you SO thoroughly that, by 4 pm, you’ll be demanding Fred hold me while you make me a bottle. And I will drink that bottle down. SUCKER. I’ll take my next bottle WHENEVER I PLEASE, thank you. Oh, and the best part? You’ll discover, next time you weigh me, that I’ve packed on another 2 1/2 ounces. Clearly I’m starving. Did I mention you’re a SUCKER?”

All five! Left to right: TimTam (Blue), Milano (Pink), Lorna Doone (Orange), Keebler, and of course Hydrox.

I don’t even have to look at the paws of that kitten on the right to know it’s TimTam. She has such a sweet, open face I know her immediately! (She’s the only one of the five who doesn’t have white paws.)

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Joe Bob has such a high-pitched, creepy meow. He’s a sweet boy, but that meow can raise the hairs on the back of your neck.


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  1. I’m starting a support group! GIVE MILANO THE BOTTLE!! GIVE MILANO THE BOTTLE!! RA RA RA!

    Poor ikkle starving kitten! πŸ™‚

  2. Ahhh a nap with the Wonkas would be a slice of heaven!
    They seriously have such serious, adorable little faces… so funny!

    Love how the Cookies are making sure YOU! KNOW! WHO’S! BOSS! πŸ˜€ in typical Siamese fashion hehe

  3. Gus’s little halo of fluff just kills me! What a dear. And the (non-Hydrox) Cookies really seem to be getting dark – I always love seeing the colours come in on Siamese and other colour-point cats.

  4. Oh definitely nothing in the world better than napping under a pile of kitties…also, loved the idea of Gus popping a wheelie…that little floofy boy is just too cute for words…well, so are the rest of them…sigh…

  5. Oh they are so cute – Gus, well he just has crazy fur – I love it! The other Wonkas are also super adorable but that fur just gets me. And Mike sounds like Barney – Barney needs to be near the face too. With the Cookies, well, I mean, really who wouldn’t try and keep being bottle fed as long as possible – it is just easier. Have you considered maybe a really watered version of the kitten food in a bottle to get her to like the taste (I have no idea if this would work by the way, I have been lucky to have everyone off the bottle when they came home).

    And seriously, I now have to hear Joe Bob’s meow – you must record it somehow because I am super curious!

  6. Freya: Oh, she’s getting the bottle, three times a day. We gave in, because we’re SUCKERS. I suspect she’s eating food too, just when we’re not around, because she’s packing on the ounces!

    Amy: Yeah, we’ve given her syringes of the canned food, and she seemed to like it. I’ve also witnessed her eating crunchy food AND lapping out of the bowl, but she wants her bottle OR ELSE!

    I’ll see if I can’t get a movie of Joe Bob’s weird meow one day soon. πŸ™‚

  7. Where in the world did Hydrox come from in that bunch anyway? Someone better ask the mail cat, the pizza cat and the cat at the gym… Something fishy here! πŸ˜‰

    Yay for Gus!! Just let me know when he’s on his way over so I can make room for him.

  8. Naps with all those sweet kitties? Our momma wants to know where to sign up!

    Milano definitely has it all figured out.

    Joe Bob, we want to hear that meow – it looks like you’ve got something to tell us!

    Charlemagne and Tamar