The other evening, Newt was sniffing around outside the foster kitten room. He kept sticking his paw under the door and the kittens seemed all interested, so I opened the door and coaxed Newt into the room. He did a lap of the room, sniffing at everything and eating a little kitten food, but then the kittens got to be too much, and he went to the door and gave me a pleading look until I let him out.

Guaranteed, if it had been Miz Poo, she would have hissed and smacked all those little kittens before she high-tailed it for the door.


“Pls not to be looking at me unless it is snackin’ time, thx.” Old Man Spot is lookin’ a little ratty.


2006: No entry.
2005: Poor, tortured Booger.

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