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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2011-11-10 (4)
Those of you who guessed that these flowers (the pink ones, not the Hydrangeas) are Periwinkles were correct. Also known as Vinca Minor. They’re still hanging in there, despite the fact that I haven’t watered them in like a week and a half because I suck. (I’ll water them today, I PROMISE.)

2011-11-10 (1)
The garden, pretty much put to bed. There are two or three okra plants still out there – you can see them in the middle-right side of the picture. I need to harvest the humongous pods off the plants to save for seeds for next year, and pull up the plants.

2011-11-10 (2)
My little raised-bed area. Those are chinese cabbage in the front (one of them has bolted; I’m going to harvest the seeds for next year), regular cabbage beside them, catnip there in the background, doing beautifully, and carrots on the right side of the picture. I have hopes that I’ll still be able to harvest those cabbages, but good LORD are they growing slowly.

2011-11-10 (3)
That’s the volunteer tomato plant growing through the fence. Fred reported that he saw one of the littlest chicks roosting on one of the branches that was sticking through to the other side of the fence. Too cute!

2011-11-10 (15)
Panoramic view from atop the dirt pile. This is of the front of the back forty, looking toward the house. The red building on the left is the garden shed. The green building on the right is the chicken coop. The house (white) is straight ahead. The problem with panoramic pictures is that when you size them down to fit in a blog post, it makes it hard to see anything! You can see this picture larger here (if you want to see it full-sized (8192×1856), here it is original-sized.)

2011-11-10 (13)
And a panoramic view of the left side of the back forty. That’s the pig yard behind that fence, and the pond on the right side. Size large here and original size here.

2011-11-10 (6)

2011-11-10 (7)

2011-11-10 (8)
I love this face.

2011-11-10 (9)
Dirt Mountain has a ROAD up to the top, for the record. The dogs think it’s SUPER AWESOME FUNTIME.

2011-11-10 (10)
Me (and Gracie) in front of Dirt Mountain. This still really doesn’t show the full scope of how much dirt there is. We really need to figure out how to get a picture of it from above.

2011-11-10 (11)
(The pig yard is on the other side of Dirt Mountain, btw.)

2011-11-10 (12)
Gracie sure does love her Daddy.

2011-11-10 (5)
Sweet pups.

2011-11-10 (16)
I love this picture. I don’t know why all the hens were hanging out in the coop on such a warm, sunny day, but I like seeing the range of colors.

2011-11-10 (17)
“Come on out, hens! I promise I’ll behave!”

2011-11-10 (19)
This hen is really pretty, but the eyes on her – she kinda looks like a zombie chicken, doesn’t she? Braaaaaaains.

2011-11-10 (18)
This is one of the hens from our original 12. Of the original 12 we got four(ish) years ago, we still have about six of them.

Okay, I had to go look at Flickr to see when I first posted pictures of the first chickens we ever got. We got them in March 2007, so 4 1/2 years ago. Here’s one of my favorite pictures from then:


Also, the following year (2008), here’s the Rock Star as a little chick:

2011-11-10 (20)
I like how ducks always look like they’re smiling.

2011-11-10 (21)
They just keep getting prettier.

2011-11-10 (23)
Ready to rumble. You can really see the difference between the males and females from the front.

2011-11-10 (22)
When you’re a Duck,
You’re a Duck all the way
From your first juicy bug
To your last dyin’ day.

Okay, lastly, a couple of Crooked Acres videos!

The first is the ducks and chickens, hanging out under the big tree. The first part is the ducks, the second part is the chickens – mostly the white Silkie and a couple of her babies, roosting on some fallen branches.

YouTube link

And the second is a couple of roosters making sure everyone knows what studs they are (crowing, that is. No chicken sex in this video!)

YouTube link

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-11-10 (40)

2011-11-10 (41)
It cracks me up how casual Lucy is. She’s all “Yes, I’m sitting on top of my brother. What of it?”

2011-11-10 (25)
Lucy and Everett.

2011-11-10 (26)
Have I ever mentioned that if Harlan were human, he’d be a laid-back surfer boy? He’s such a sweet little stoner, always sitting around with his eyes at half mast, letting you pick him up and carry him around, and purring the whole time.

2011-11-10 (27)
“Whatchoo want, lady?” (Sally)

2011-11-10 (28)
Charlie comes by for a visit.

2011-11-10 (29)
Charlie likes to keep an eye on things.

2011-11-10 (30)
Harlan and Lucy, watching the bugs go by the window.

2011-11-10 (31)

2011-11-10 (32)
I love it when they snuggle up together like this.

2011-11-10 (33)
Harlan, air-kneading whilst getting a belly rub.

2011-11-10 (34)
Seriously. Do you SEE the size of those paws?!

2011-11-10 (35)
Patty has the prettiest eyes.

2011-11-10 (36)
Everett also has very pretty and very striking eyes.

2011-11-10 (37)
Snoozin’ Chuckles.

2011-11-10 (38)
Molly, lookin’ for bugs.

2011-11-10 (39)
I hope his chewed-off white whisker grows back soon – he needs his balance restored!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Miz Poo in the Poo Cave (there’s a warming pad in there, thus this is her favorite place to hang out when she’s not on top of me).


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11-10-11 — 12 Comments

  1. Lucy and Everett need to just get on a plane and fly here to Ohio. What beautiful kitties! I’m sure my roomie and her kitties would kill me though.

  2. OmGosh! I am loving the baby rock star chicken! I want chickens just so I can have chickens like that!!

    But seriously, you must have the most well cared for and loved animals that I know of. You rock!

  3. Robyn, I will miss Lucy and her little cross-eyed self so much. I hope whomever adopts her knows what a gem she is getting. Also, the panoramics of your homestead are very helpful. I have spent a lot of time reading your blog but never really being sure where stuff was located in my mental map. 🙂
    Any news about Gracie??

  4. didn’t the black cat just wanna to erm bite the chick? sorry, but I thought is like animal’s instinct… heh

  5. Love the panoramic pictures. In the original size the trailer in front of the red building looks like it says Pork Chop Express. Is this the bus the porkers take to freezer camp?
    Love seeing the chickens and ducks. I always have to make sure my mother sees your blog on days when you show them because she has and loves chickens. At the moment she’s duckless, but the pics bring back memories!
    Is Everett having balance issues or do you mean just how he looks? Did his sister chew off all the whiskers on that side or just the white one?

  6. So many great — and fun — photos! And I feel positively pickled about that peck of perfect Peppers. Love them!

  7. Your rockstar chicken sure had his Phyllis Diller going the day you took his photo.

    Also, don’t you love how cats are whores for heated blankets, pads etc. I was suffering hip pain recently. Everytime I got up from my chair, I’d return and a certain kitty would be laying on the heating pad in the most awkward position, but a position which gave him maximum pad coverage! I had it positioned so it was on the side and back of the chair so it wrapped my hip. He somehow got his chest and tummy on the side/back of the chair!

  8. Vinca minor is the Latin name for (Common name) periwinkle, myrtle, or running myrtle. Paired, oval, dark green, evergreen leaves, lavender / lilac flowers in Spring.

    Common name vinca, aka Madagascar periwinkle, belongs to summer bedding plant Latin name Catharanthus roseus. Very good choice (as you have discovered) for hot dry sites.

    One plant can have several common names, or several different plants can have the same common name. Latin – mostly one name for a plant. Except those pesky taxonomist go around and change names – perhaps to fill a quota or something . . . .