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This picture makes me laugh. They’re like characters in a sitcom – Starsky’s the annoying neighbor who pops over with a “Hallo!” and Corbett’s the tolerant yet annoyed title character who puts up with his pesky neighbor’s shenanigans.

Starsky’s waiting for Miz Poo to go to sleep so he can slide into the cat bed with her for a snuggle.

Occasionally, I put an egg yolk in a little dish and put the dish on the floor for whatever cat happens along. It’s like a nice little surprise for them (and yet I wonder why they hang out in the kitchen and howl at me whenever I’m in there. Duh.) Note the dried egg yolk in Starsky’s whiskers.

I guess I’m not the only one who can’t do something in this house without half a dozen cats coming to see what’s going on. Rhyme’s all “Just wanna hang out in the grocery bag LEAVE ME ALONE!”

Snoozin’ Hutch.

Corbett, looking up at Tommy, who’s hanging out on the catwalk in the back yard.

Corbie, running.

And running.

Rhyme’s all “I’m the only one around to run around here like a big goofball!”

And then Rhyme proceeded to run around like a great big goofball. The end.

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This is Sugarbutt’s favorite place -and favorite position – for sleeping, these days. I don’t know. I guess he’s got to keep the nether regions aired out IF YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING AND I THINK YOU DO.


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