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If you, by any chance, were ever concerned about what would happen if Harlan lost the use of his back legs – how would he get around?! – he would like to assure you that he’s got it figured out.

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In case you missed it over on Facebook, the big Peppers will be going to Petsmart this weekend!

Well, most of the big Peppers will. Molly and Lucy will be sharing a cage, and Harlan and Sally will be sharing another. Everett will stay here for now, and when one of the others is adopted, he’ll go take their space. Depending on how adoptions go, I think Patty and Charlie might be going soon, too, I’m not sure. (Charlie and Patty are going for their neutering and spaying tomorrow and will pretty much be ready to go as soon as space opens up.)

The big Peppers have been here for three and a half months, can you believe that? They’ve come a long way, for sure.

2011-11-09 (11)
Tommy looks pleased to have Charlie biting his tail, doesn’t he?

2011-11-09 (13)

2011-11-09 (15)
Charlie sure does like the big cats.

2011-11-09 (14)
Molly, in one of the rare moments when she’s not rolling around on her back in front of me, demanding belly rubs.

Charlie is one happy boy.

2011-11-09 (17)
Lucy shows off her pretty eyes. Couldn’t you just kiss her square on the mouth?

2011-11-09 (18)
Smug Charlie, snuggled up with Sally.

2011-11-09 (19)
‘Nother shot of the pretty, pretty Molly.

2011-11-09 (20)
Harlan, doing his Corbie imitation.

2011-11-09 (21)
Harlan and Patty.

2011-11-09 (23)
In the evenings, when it gets dark, we call in the cats and shut the back door. Then everyone gets cat treats. The fosters have learned to partake of crunchy time. Note that four out of five big Peppers are present, both the little Peppers, Corbie, and Jake and Elwood. Sometimes Spanky comes in for a few crunchies, but this is the core group.

2011-11-09 (24)
Note that Corbie and Harlan are practically nose-to-nose, for comparison purposes.

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2011-11-09 (22)
This makes me laugh, because Joe Bob’s all stretched out, chillin’, and Maxi’s out there acting like she wants to come in and is appalled that Joe Bob’s inside and she isn’t. But then OF COURSE I went over and opened the door and she gave me the Manson lamps and strolled away. I so hate it when cats do that.

Beautiful Miss Stinkerbelle from atop the kitchen cabinets.


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11-9-11 — 10 Comments

    • You’re right, Alice is one of the core snack seekers, too. She comes in, eats some crunchies, smacks some little kitten heads, and runs off. She’s stealth. 🙂

  1. Beautiful, heartwarming, fun photos of these wonderful cats and kittens — as usual… Good luck, Peppers I and II! And I wonder how the permanent residents will feel once they’ve all headed out.

    • I suspect that they’ll be confused for a day or so, but appreciate the break – which, even if we immediately get new fosters, will last at least a couple of weeks, since any new guys need to be quarantined for a couple of weeks.

    • I agree! It also gives us all insight into how Robyn’s mind works (let’s see, Harlan’s going to be A-o.k. if he somehow gets paralyzed in the back legs. Good! That’s a weight off my mind! I wonder how Molly do if she gets paralyzed in the back legs?).

      (You know I’m kidding, Robyn!! I hope you know, anyway, since I am! :))

  2. So if you scroll up and down quickly and get just the right rhythm going, the Harlan sequence looks animated, and you can see his legs in action! (I amused myself with this far longer than was reasonable!)

    • Hey, you really can make Harlan animated – cool! (and I’m at work!) and that is one of the prettiest Miss Stinkerbelle photos I have seen.