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Paula mentioned that her friend works at the company that produces Cat’s Pride litter, and they’ve recently come out with a version called Fresh & Light and that I might want to give it a try. Since I am ALWAYS ready to try another litter in hopes of finding the perfect one (I’m a litter hissy, I’ll go where the wind blows, I KNOW the perfect litter that isn’t dusty, clumps well, and holds down the stank is OUT THERE, I just need to find it!), I asked Fred to pick up a box of it when he went to Walmart Saturday morning. He did, and Saturday evening when we emptied, scrubbed out, and refilled the litter boxes in the upstairs bathroom and in the foster room, I filled one of them with the Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light.

I can tell you that it is possibly the least dusty litter I’ve used yet – Fred said that he thinks it’s even less dusty than the Cat Attract. It clumps well, but it just so happens that that litter box is one of the lesser-used ones, so I’m thinking of moving it either into the bathroom or switching it with one of the ones in the guest bedroom. I can’t speak to how it is with holding down the litter box stank, at least not yet, but probably by mid-week next week I’ll know whether it’s a litter worth sticking with or not. If I decide it’s worth switching over to, I’ll do it ever so slowly, so as not to set off the spraying bandits in the house.

I’ll try to remember to let y’all know how it holds up – if I forget to and you’re wondering, feel free to remind me. I tend to forget to follow up. Y’all know how I am.

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2011-11-08 (1)
“I HAVE YOU, feather teaser!”

2011-11-08 (2)
Tiptoe through the tulips. Er, the foster room.

2011-11-08 (3)
Lucy has the giggles.

2011-11-08 (4)
“Dude. Your toenails are UP MY NOSE!”

2011-11-08 (5)
Tasty, tasty feather teaser.

2011-11-08 (6)
Would you look at the monster paw on that guy?

2011-11-08 (7)
Harlan keeps an eye on Everett.

2011-11-08 (8)
If you’re Facebook friends with Love & Hisses, you’ve already seen this picture. Corbie was in the big bed on the table, snoozing, when that little hussy Molly climbed right in with him.

2011-11-08 (9)
He was like “Dude. You see what I have to put up with, here?”
Newt just kept sleeping.

That much beautiful stripey goodness in one cat bed? It’s unheard of. I’m surprised the bed didn’t have some sort of nuclear reaction and blow to bits.

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2011-11-08 (12)
Tom Cullen is a fine figure of a mancat.

2011-11-08 (11)
And he knows it.

2011-11-08 (10)
But he’s not such a manly mancat that he isn’t willing to help with the groceries!


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11-8-11 — 6 Comments

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Jack. It’s terrible to think his last two months of life were filled with such fear, injury, starvation and loneliness.

    Thanks for letting us know, though.

    It’s great your cats and fosters are doing well! Not much chance of them being holed up from fear!! From curiosity, maybe, but not fear!

    And I’m not sure about my overreaching love for Loony Jake and Joe Bob now that I’ve seen that photo of Tom Cullen in the grocery bag. He just might be my new love!

    (pssst! Don’t tell my old guy that!)

  2. I think Everett is a witch’s familiar as he seems to have stolen my heart.

    I don’t remember seeing pictures of Tom before, but with that many cats I’m probably just confused him with someone else. A striking-looking panther, very handsome.

  3. Awwwww, Tom Cullen – I love the contrast between the sleek outdoor predator and the adorable indoor cat with big round eyes in the grocery bag. He looks like an adorable teddy bear in that last shot!

  4. Friggin’ AA. I have never flown with them and now I never will. I was reading all of the past posts yesterday, from the beginning, and I can’t believe how irresponsible and absolutely insesitive they were to Jack’s owner, Karen. I would be losing my mind if one of my cats was lost anyway (see latest post about Dorothy) but to have an airline be so careless and then not give a $hit…blood.boiling. I noticed Freya & Teego’s comments were being deleted by the AA board. Why not live up to it and apologize publicly. I have special words to call them, but the are not kitteh-blog friendly.

    Harlan has that solid, wide cat nose, like the Big Cats!

    Stripey goodness, stripey goodnes.

  5. Poor Jack and his mum karen! I agree with Luanne, I too would be losing my mind if one of my cats was missing and those responsible didn’t care enough to help find him. Poor, poor Jack & Karen.
    Luanne, thanks for the Dorfy update – she sure is looking fine! andas for her adventures well, she’d have me running around the house, too. ARe she and your other 3 cats all settled with each now?
    As for Tom Cullen, he looks suspiciously like Lucy with her pink collar when he’s helping with the groceries…
    And how come you guys get so many more litter options than us? ’tis not fair, I tell you! and on a difft topic, excuse me, but is Dino Direct online shpooing (with free worldwide delivery!) and american site? I just haven’t heard of it before and wodnered…

    • Luanne tolerates Dorfy, but if D gets too close, she gets smacked, just because. D picks fights with Teen Baby and he goes along with it but will walk away if she gets too annoying for him. So far he is the only one to accept her enough to clean her. Oliver is too old and senile to do much anymore. D knows to sort of leave him be. She is a smart little kitty. Apparently too smart. :-\