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I haven’t heard anything about who won the Greenies Healthy Smile contest (the one I harassed you guys to vote for for weeks, which you did because you are WONDERFUL, and thank you again!) I feel like I remember that today (the 7th) was the day the winner was to be announced, but I’m not seeing anything on the Greenies site and haven’t heard anything, so I don’t know. If I hear anything, I will definitely pass it along.

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I’m aware that I sound like a shrieking harpy in this video, but it has to be shared. It makes both of us laugh and laugh. (Warning: not safe for work or little ears or, well, there’s a pretty strong obscenity in it, so give it a miss if you have delicate ears. Or for that matter, just watch it with the sound off – it’s awfully cute that way.)

YouTube link

The video ended before he could complete his reasonable suggestion, but he was saying “Well, why don’t you TELL me when you’re recording?”

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Charlie and Patty are going on Thursday for their spaying and neutering!

2011-11-07 (8)
“Say what?”

Um, nothing.

2011-11-07 (10)
Poor Miz Poo. They just CLIMB right into the bed with her. As much a needy little lovemuffin as she is, you’d think she’d welcome the intrusion, but she has no use for other cats, she’s strictly human-only when it comes to giving the love. If she’s feeling sassy or if they get right up in her face, she’ll smack ’em. Otherwise, she just looks the other way and pretends they don’t exist.

2011-11-07 (5)
I sure wish Charlie could relax.

2011-11-07 (6)
He’s a ball of stress, is what he is.

2011-11-07 (7)
Patty, too. Super stressed!

2011-11-07 (1)
(Her eyes are not that blue, it’s just ’cause of the blanket she’s laying on.)

2011-11-07 (9)
Molly’s wondering why I’m all the way over here, pointing that camera at her, when I could be over there, petting her.

2011-11-07 (2)
Oh, this drives me crazy. Everett had a jaunty white whisker on either side of his face. And THEN one of his crazy whisker-eating sisters (I think Sally’s the culprit) chewed one of them off. He’s off-balance now!

2011-11-07 (3)
Harlan noms on some tasty cardboard.

2011-11-07 (4)
The table is where I put stuff when I’m too lazy to put it away. The cats and kittens find it endlessly fascinating (and okay, there ARE beds for them there, after all).

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2011-11-07 (11)
Sheriff Mama sees what you’re doing and thinks you’d better knock it off NOW before she gets serious on your behind.


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11-7-11 — 7 Comments

  1. Our blackie, Shadow, had a white eye brow when she was a kitten. Alas she shed it and the new one came in black. Also I notice that the Peppers have light skin while our black beauty has black skin everywhere. If she shuts her eyes you can’t see her in the dark.

  2. Well, now, if you think THAT’s profanity, you should come ’round here! I love Miz Poo (“there is nobody in this basket with me, there is nobody in this basket with me”). I adored the McMaos and thought that no litter could ever be as fun, but I have to say that Peppers I + Peppers II is coming pretty close. Love them tabbies!

  3. Another tabby fan here — it’s amazing how both families have turned out thanks to Robyn and Fred. Who ever thought Molly would become “the hussy” or that little Patty would be sharing her tummy so freely?! Thanks for taking us along on their journey and prayers for their swift adoption.

  4. Poor Charlie, lying on his back all stressed incase Miz Poo turns around and smacks him! Relax, little man, relax… Did Everett tip over right after you took the photo? ‘cos he’s unbalanced now, ‘member?
    As for that Fred and his “anecdote”, maaan – he is such a boy! Don’t know what something is/smells/tastes like? Just eat it! I didn’t laugh, Fred, promise (hmm-hmm-hmm-smirk)

  5. jesus christ i love you people. and this >> I wandered downstairs to see if Robyn was done with whatever it is she spends twelve hours a day doing on her computer. << LOL!