I have a question for you. You may have told us before, but I don’t go back that far. Because you volunteer at the [shelter], do you get free spaying/neutering services for as many cats as you want to bring in? Or are you and Fred dishing out the normal fees for these services for all these cats? Just curious… I know it costs an arm and a leg here in the Northeast to have it done, so I can’t imaging having to pay for multitudes of cats to be done.

When we take foster kittens to be spayed and neutered, the shelter pays for that (at a discounted price). So we didn’t pay for Maxi’s kittens to be fixed, or Maddy, or any of the fosters. We did pay for Maxi and Newt to be fixed and to get all their shots, but I consider that money well spent. It ensures that Maxi won’t get pregnant and bring more litters into the world, and that Newt won’t contribute to the problem, either.


I have a bunch of pictures of Maddy I haven’t cleared off my memory stick yet, so you’ll be seeing them for the next few days. YOU’RE WELCOME.

She fell asleep like this.


Happy Sugs.


2005: “Take a picture Mom, quick! I can’t hold this pose for long!”

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