11-7-09 – The Cookies & the Wonkas.

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The Wonkas are famous! Go check out their write-up over at Your Daily Cute – and keep reading, if you’re not already a regular reader. There’s no such thing as too much Cute!

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“You rang?”

Mike’s all “I AM SCARY!” and Violet’s all “I AM NOT SCARED.”

I found these pictures hiding on my hard drive. Gus isn’t in them, so they must be from about two weeks ago (Gus was originally not at all interested in eating canned food at snack time, and then suddenly one day he was. No reason a kitten can’t change his mind, is there?).

Mike starts off at the blue bowl…

moves on to the red bowl…

and then recommends that I might want to get that camera out of his face.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Fred was sweet enough to get up this morning and feed the Cookies. He’s one of those weirdo people who actually tends to get up EARLIER on the weekend than on work days, so it’s not like he wanted to sleep in anyway. I’m kind of a morning person, but NOT a 4:30 in the morning person, so since he was willing to do the 4:30 feeding, I got to sleep in ’til 6:15!

The Cookies are now eating canned and dry food, but also getting bottles, too. What we do is take canned food in to them at feeding time, leave the food in there for ten minutes, and then go back in with bottles. Usually by the time we go back in after ten minutes, the plates are cleaned off, and the babies are ready to slurp down their bottles. Fred left a bowl with formula covering the bottom of it after he fed them this morning, and by the time I went in there at 6:30, all the formula was gone.

(Of course, a lot of it was tracked across the floor, too. They’re still at the age where they need to stand in their food to eat it. Which is cute, but I suspect that when they’ve gone off to be adopted and I can get in there and tear the room apart to clean it, I’m going to need a pressure washer to blast all the ground-in food off the hardwood floors!)

Milano/ Pink is such an independent little monkey. She eats, she gets some snuggles, and then if she gets sleepy, she takes herself off to the cage, lays down, and goes to sleep.

Their eyes are definitely starting to change color! I’m curious to see whether Hydrox stays blue or goes green.

“I haz me a snuggle.”

“Hey! Lady! I was talkin’ to you! Pay attention to me!”


2008: It’s hard to believe that volume of sound is coming from such a little thing!
2007: Snuggly brudders.
2006: I have a bunch of pictures of Maddy I haven’t cleared off my memory stick yet, so you’ll be seeing them for the next few days.
2005: “Take a picture Mom, quick! I can’t hold this pose for long!”



11-7-09 – The Cookies & the Wonkas. — 11 Comments

  1. It’s so funny how the Wonkas look HUGE compared to the Cookies, but then when you see them by their food plates, you realize how tiny they still are 🙂

    That picture of Hydrox just about killed me with its intense cuteness…have mercy on my poor heart!

  2. Oh yeah… Viewed large you can really see that Hydrox’s eyes definitely have a ring of green on the inside. Did he always have that? Green eyes would be really pretty on him too.

  3. kittykye: No, they started out that gorgeous purple-blue. I imagine he’ll end up with green eyes, and he will be gorgeous. But then, I’m probably prejudiced when it comes to my babies. 🙂

    Hyacinths: It’s funny, I pick up the Cookies, and then I feel like I’m picking up elephants when I pick up a Wonka. THEN I pick up one of my fully grown cats and realize just how tiny the Cookies & Wonkas really are!

  4. Congrats on the Wonkas making Your Daily Cute-they are adorable and your photos and stories are awesome, Robyn. Seeing these tiny babies grow is such a gift to your followers! Love & Hisses is a happy place to visit!

  5. i love mike teevee. that face, those glares!

    but i ADORE hydrox, goodness gracious! and the rest of the cookies make me melt!

  6. Oh that is so great that you guys were on Your Daily Cute! We visit them all the time too!

    I have to tell you that today was a day I really needed to see some cute kitten pics – it was a really good mood lifter. I kept this one “unread” in my RSS for a while so I could easily come back. I just love all those little guys – they are so adorable!

  7. Ditto the Wonkas are growing soooo fast. They have a more cat like shape now. It’s interesting to look back at when you first got them, hissy, semi-feral, scruffy little puffs they were. Now they are total love mongers.

  8. Your Wonkas on Daily Cute ~ that’s terrific! All your kittens are so sweet and you do such wonderful things – a congratulations to you too!