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You’ll note that, despite what I said in Friday’s entry, that nothing at all looks the slightest bit different here. That’s because, due to circumstances that are deathly boring to explain – so I won’t – the new design wasn’t installed over the weekend as I’d expected Fred to do. Instead, it’ll be next weekend.

Try to contain your excitement!

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You know, I’m just never allowed to have anything nice ’round here. Someone sent us something a few weeks ago, and after I unpacked the box, I put the box (with newspaper in it) on the floor of the kitchen, intending to eventually take it out to the garage on the way to the recycling center. Of course a cat immediately jumped into the box, so OF COURSE I left the box there so that the cats could sleep in it.

All was well for about a week, and then one morning I walked into the kitchen to find that one (or more) cats had pulled some of the newspaper out of the box. I put it back in the box, and it stayed there for a few more days, and then every morning I’d walk into the kitchen and a few sheets of newspaper would be on the floor. I’d put it back, find it pulled back out the next morning, and so on.

Then one evening, the cats got together and had a newspaper-shredding party.

It’s a Bustie in a box!

Corbie, having shredded some newspaper, takes a bath break.

Starsky and Hutch watch Buster (who’s in that box – you can see the end of his tail sticking out.)

Corbie (on top of the box) and Jake (next to the box) watch Starsky kick some newspaper around. Rhyme and Hutch (at the bottom of the picture) join in on the shredding, while Buster stays in the box and minds his own business.

Newspaper: shredded. Kitchen: a mess. Kitties: happy.

When the cats abandoned their shredding project, I tossed all the newspaper into the box and took it out to the garage so that next time I go to the recycling center, it’ll be ready to go.


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Stinkerbelle would like you to know that she had nothing to do with the shredding. She’s a good girl.


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11-8-10 — 7 Comments

  1. Yay!! Paper in boxes are the best toys ever!!! Awwwwww so lovely to see Starsky and Hutch and Buster and Corbett and Ryhme and the ever adorable Jake in shredded paper HEAVEN!! Awwww!!

    Next time sweet Stinkerbelle ought to join in too! Take care

  2. Good little Stinkerbell!

    I must say, it made me laugh! Seriously, a box AND newspaper…could you really think anything other than that would happen? LOL I love the fact that Starsky and Hutch were both in on the action, too! [snicker]

  3. We often have a box or a bag hanging around on the floor here for the express purpose of amusing the cats! 🙂

  4. You know, it’s always the cheap toys that give the most joy to cats and small children…boxes, newspaper, egg cartons, twisty ties, the Tupperware drawer!
    I don’t know how it happens, but the cats get cuter every time I read this blog (and it’s my daily fix, my favorite Monday read!)
    Thanks so much!

  5. Is that the box you were packing Buster plus one in to send to me? Wouldn’t they prefer a bed of cat biscuits in case they got hungry on the way?
    We shut our female cat in one room today so she could have some peace from her little brother while we went out (it’s too wet and cold to leave him out like we do in summer). We chose to give her the sitting room so she can get up on the back of the chair to look out of the window. And we put her food, water and a litter tray in there for her. The boy was all over it “Hey, mum, I used to have food and water in here, didn’t I, when I was a baby? And a litter tray; just let me…” I picked him up just in time!

  6. I used to have a smallish box with toys and crumpled-up newspaper in it for my kitties. One of them would usually put the newspaper back in the box when she was done playing with it. She’s a good kitty.

    Of course, I only had two cats at the time, and both of them were rather reserved. If I tried to have a box of newspaper now, with two whippersnappers running about, I’d have a mess much like yours. At least they didn’t get into some potted plants or something!