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Trader Joe checks out the scenery (that’s the cat tree in my room. All kittens tend to flock to that cat tree – I don’t know if it’s the tree itself, or just the location. The doorway to my room is directly across from the doorway to the stairs.)

Trader Joe gets his loon on.

Ralph, Trader Joe, and Von checking out the cat tree.

Winn Dixie and PW (and Catelyn, in the background) and all their floof in the sun.

Ralph, still checking out that cat tree. It has his approval!

Von (left) and Winn Dixie. Also, Ralph climbing up the cat tree to see what the what is going ON.

“Who, me? What? Nothing! Just going over here!”

“I’m just checking stuff out, lady. I’m a kitteh. It’s what I DO.”

Settling in for some naptime on the tree.

Oh, Catelyn. Are you having an emo moment?

Sleepy PW gets the Bunny Ear treatment.

PW and his lopsided, chewed-off whiskers.


“It has turned cold, and thus it is time for me to come in and hibernate. LET ME IN.”


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11-10-14 — 14 Comments

    • You KNOW Newt wants in and out like 100 times a day. I opened the door and let him in as soon as I took that picture, I promise! (And then of course he wanted back out two minutes later. Brat!)

  1. Maybe we’re not supposed to say something, like when your friend suddenly has a flotation device under her shirt, or she’s so botoxed she can’t move her forehead, or suddenly they have doll hair on their previously bald pate but….

    Did Ralph get a Tail Extension? I remember the little carrot stick one but now, what the heck!

    I’m sure they’d be all “It’s a growth spurt! I’m still just a developing young kid!” If they did, we won’t tell. It’s just between friends.

  2. It looks like all the hairs on Newt’s body are standing on end in that cold weather. Time for him to come inside and Hiber-Newt!

    I’m assuming that either Ralph or Trader Joe were the culprits behind the chewing of PW’s apparently-tasty whiskers.

    • Hiber-Newt! I love that. 🙂

      I’m positive that Ralph is the whisker chewer. He and PW like to curl up together at night, and Trader Joe is missing a lot of his whiskers, too. In fact, the ONLY kitten who isn’t missing any whiskers at all is Ralph. Which, to be honest, isn’t very smart of him. You’d think he’d chew off one or two of his own whiskers, just to throw me off the track!

      • HA! That made me think of my friend’s son who had a “party” when his parents were away for the weekend. He wasn’t even smart enough to put the beer bottles in the neighbor’s trashcan…he put them in his own. Bless him….

    • Although you can’t tell from looking at the pictures, the other kittens have gotten pretty lanky under all that floof, too. They do grow up way too fast!