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Tuesday Toeses and Noses.

PW sees dead peoples.

PW toeses.

The nose (and whiskers) of Winn Dixie.

Ralph, dead to the world. I love the way his nose is pink in the middle and dark around the edges. Also, that’s Catelyn all tucked in under his armpit.

The toeses of Trader Joe and Winn Dixie.

PW flopped over someone’s toes. I think those are Trader Joe’s toes, but I can’t swear to it.

Miss Vonnie’s toebeans.

Ralph’s nose again.

Trader Joe’s pink nose and alllll those whiskers.

Ralph’s, I think.

The toes and nose and fangs of Ralph.

Catelyn’s toes. You can’t really tell from this picture, but that girl has sparkly, glittery fur and it’s very cool.

Sugarbutt’s freckly old-man toes.

PW, Ralph, and Catelyn will be going to Petsmart Thursday evening. I am hoping like crazy that they get themselves adopted before the weekend is over. Fingers crossed!!!


Maxi and the Tony Soprano eyes. Girlfriend will mess you UP.


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11-11-14 — 25 Comments

  1. My 22 year old, Caesar, went to the Rainbow Bridge a week and a half ago. PW looks so much like him as a kitten that I can’t help but smile through the tears.

  2. Oh, I’m sure PW, Ralph, and Catelyn will be adopted super quick! Who could resist that floof?

  3. Oh how I love Trader Joe. Melts my heart with every picture you post. But I 1) live in Texas and 2)am only allowed 2 pets in my building and already have my tuxedos – Ben & Jerry.

    I sure hope he gets to a good family!

    • Trader Joe is actually already adopted – he’ll be going home this weekend, and his new mom will update us regularly, I’m sure of it! 🙂

      • That makes me happy! Happy for TJ and his new mom. Hope you do get updates, would love to see how he fills out those lovely markings!

  4. I keep looking at those old pictures of Dirty Feet sleeping with her shaved belly and curled up with her mommy.

    How sweet!

  5. Aww, I love that you are calling her Miss Vonnie now. Von always did sound like a boy’s name to me.

    Catelyn — oh my, she has sparkly, glittery fur?!?! That about does it for me. I WANT that girl!!!

    How can it be time for these kitties to go to Petsmart already? It’s TOOO SOOOON!!!

    • I, too, love the name “Miss Vonnie”. It’s not too girly and it just seems to suit her even at this young age, so I’m sure it will even be appropriate when she’s much older(but she will always be Vonniebooboo in my head for some reason, lol).

  6. Oh sure wait until Thursday to take them so I don’t get to see them tonight! Love all these pictures of the nosies and the toesies!

  7. It is killing me that Catelyn is going to PetSmart. I so wish I lived closer to Alabama so I could just come to your house and get her right this minute. My heart melts every time I see her picture. (It melts for all kittehs really, but there is just something about that little girl). I really hope whoever gets her treats her like a princess and gives us many, many updates. Gotta admit I’m sad it won’t be me.