11-6-15 Friday

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I had rotator cuff surgery on November 4th, and have pre-written and scheduled posts for the next three weeks while I recover.


Jake likes to keep an eye on the back yard from the comfort of my desk.

That way, he can see everything, but doesn’t have to get his toes cold or wet.

I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s helping out Sheriff Mama. He’s our version of Barney Fife.



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11-6-15 Friday — 9 Comments

  1. Loony Fife, lol. I’m sure The Sheriff is just so thrilled with her deputy’s work ethic!

  2. LOL! The loon is strong today! Love the banner today – Puff. I’m so glad his body caught up with that big fluffy marshamallow filled head of his. Such a pretty boy.

  3. Jake looks super-handsome and charismatic in this sequence. Hope that shoulder is behaving itself, Robyn.

  4. Ambercup is now one of my family members. She is having a ball chasing her 3-month-older “brother” Truman (adopted from Decatur Services) all over the house. They are inseparable, playing and wrestling. She is hard-headed, though! I am trying to teach her that the kitchen counter is off limits, without too much success yet!! 🙂 Love her, she is a sweetie! Just thought I would let you know. … I don’t know how my computer turned my name all around… Deb Miller