11-6-13 – Wordless Wednesday – When Stefan went a-visitin’

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11-6-13 – Wordless Wednesday – When Stefan went a-visitin’ — 44 Comments

  1. Mercy – All those kittens in their danger floof suits. Stefan is unflappable (and very happy for the kitten snacks)!

  2. The stranger-danger floof is hilarious and adorable. Stephan seems like a good and mellow dude, and the “are you for serious?!” looks of annoyance he gives at some of the kitten antics are just as funny as the floof-suits. He practically had a “wtf, little bro?” thought bubble.

    • Every morning I bring her a plate of canned food on the front porch, and she comes out to greet me, and she’s so nice and toasty warm! That house is perfect for her.

  3. This had to be when Livia was having her spa day. Any idea how she will react to the Anderson crew?

    • It was indeed when Livia was having her spa day! I’m not sure how she’s going to react to the other adults – the few times she’s spotted one of them, she’s been curious and a bit floofed.

  4. I was getting a little worried about Stefan;) But then I saw it wasn’t putting him off the food so I relaxed! He’s a very good boy.

  5. I love the bottle-brush tails and the halloween cat posing of the kittens. And I LOVE Stefan! What a relaxed dude!

  6. Gah, the floof! And I love Carmela’s little guard hairs poofing all over the best. She looked OK with Stefan until he accidently cornered her by the mirror, then the floof was on! πŸ™‚

  7. I love all your babies – permanent and fosters. And I don’t really have favorites (I always feel like I’ll hurt someone’s feelings, so I just avoid favorites in general). But I gotta admit – Stefan comes the closest to making me feel different. And it’s not even his looks. He just seems like the most perfect cat in the world. He’s completely unflappable, he’s friendly, and he’ll let you dress him up.

    and all the stranger danger floof suits rock! They’re so cute!!

    • Every time we decide that one cat is the most laid-back cat we’ve ever had (Tommy), another one comes along to be even more laid-back (Jake, and then Stefan). I don’t know that it would be possible to have a cat more laid-back than Stefan – I don’t think a stuffed animal is as laid-back as he is! πŸ™‚

  8. Stefan: “Can’t a guy just snack on some kitten food without all this brouhaha happening? And what is with all the stranger, danger suits? I’m no stranger, I live here. I’m not dangerous, I’m a lover. Oh well (licks chops), the food was good.”

  9. Since they’ve been kept in isolation the kittens probably never realized there might exist other cats; then one day mommy disappears and this strange animal comes to visit. No wonder they’re on high alert…and so cute in doing so.

    • The best part, which I unfortunately didn’t catch with the camera, is that Stefan was in the room for about 5 minutes, and all the other kittens were floofing and freaked out, and Tony was just running around playing without even realizing there was a need for the Floofsuit. Not a care in the world!

  10. It looks just like a big kid going to a little kid’s birthday party. Those little kids know that the big kid is up to no good. Really funny photos.

  11. Ha! Captions weren’t even necessary for this set of pictures, so awesome! I love Stefan’s mellow “THAR BE FOOD HERE, NOTHING SHALL STOP ME!” attitude and the fact that all that kitten floof hardly registered with him. “SILLY BABIES, STEFAN IS YOUR FOOD-SHARING FRIEND. WE SHALL SOON NAP TOGETHER IN MANY PLACES IN THE WORLD OUTSIDE THIS ROOM.”

  12. Oh Paulie. Those puffed up tails between their legs makes me want to scoop them up and hug them.

    I was wondering where Livia was during this. Unlike her namesake, I suspect she would have no problem letting Stefan know that he wasn’t welcome. He’s got that WC Fields, Go away kid, you’re bothering me kind of expression going on.

    Who’s that in the (literal) dog house, is that Tommy?

    • Livia was off being spayed – we figured what better time to see their reaction to a stranger than when Mama is away? πŸ™‚

      That’s Maxi in the house – Fred built her a small house with a heating lamp inside, and she pretty much lives there these days!

  13. I was wondering when we would get some floof suits and these stranger danger shots are the best!

  14. All of the pictures are adorable, but I especially like the ninth one. (I think that is it.) Carmela’s “trapped” against the wall and Stefan was turned away from the camera, but his face was caught in one of the mirrors.

    • I love that one, too! You can see in the previous picture that he was eating and she was actually standing up with her front paws on him, sniffing his back. NOT floofed, NOT in any way concerned, just kind of “Hey, what’s this?” and then he turned around and looked at her like “Have you LOST your mind, little one?” and she ended up being the floofiest of the floofers.

  15. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at uncaptioned cat pictures.

    In the ?14th picture, the one with Adriana and ?Carmela floofed and leaning out/back from Stefan, it looks like his mouth is open – was he hissing or yawning, or just licking his chops? Or is it just a trick of the angle?

    I think my favorite pic is the one after that, with ?Carmela trying to make herself look big and small at the same time – dialing the floof up to 11, but crouching and flattening her ears. It makes me laugh and hurt a little bit in my heart all at once – just want to pick her up and cuddle her incessantly until she’s not so apprehensive! (But I’ve learned from experience, and know that I’d only get clawmarks up my front and down my back as the reward for my concern…)